Meet the Mama

For a few years now, when my sanity is questionable, when I feel like I'm going to explode, when my patience is wearing thin, when I'm feeling overwhelmed, when life is just too much--I tell my husband "Mama needs to run."  And he always obliges.  In fact, sometimes he'll tell me I need to run, even if I haven't mentioned it.

Hence the name of this blog!

If you want to read specifically about my running, check out this page here.

But a little more about who I am...

I am a 35-year old wife and mother of three daughters (ages 8,5 and 3).  My husband and I have been happily married for almost 11 years.

I've been a runner for 7 years.

I have always been a working mom, but I recently "retired" from being a pastor to go back to school for a nursing degree.

Routine is really good for me.  But with a job and three kids, things are constantly changing.  So I'm learning to embrace whatever the day holds, which is what I call my family blog.

Embrace This Day

I decided several months ago that I wanted to write a lot more about my running, and thought maybe not everyone who reads my "regular" blog was interested in my running drivel (you know, 3 of 7 people who check it every day)--so I started writing this blog.

Recently I decided I wanted to train for a marathon.  I mean, everyday life sometimes feels like a marathon--so why not get a finisher's medal?!

My life can be very full.  Some might say I'm crazy for squeezing in running and training for races--but it's actually what keeps me sane.

I am so in love with my family.

And running helps me love them even better.