Blogs to Run to

These are some blogs I love reading regularly!  They inspire me, challenge me and make me feel like I'm normal to love running so much.  Most of them are also mother runners.

Another Mother Runner [The Mecca for Mother Runners]

Mile Posts [Don't tell Dorothy it's too hard to run with a jogging stroller]

Mom Vs. Marathon [her first marathon experience is the kind I hope to have in January]

21 Days  [a working mom AND a running mom!]

Endurance Isn't Only Physical

See Mom Run Far [she lost 75lbs, her speed AMAZES me, and she has 12 children!]

Run Faster Mommy [she's funny! and honest about how hard it can be to stay consistent with running]

Hungry Mom on the Run

Keep on Keeping On

Luminosity [she's training for a marathon too, and I love reading about her long runs]

Steph Runs For Wine [one of my favorite Twitter peeps I've met]

I have more to add...but here's a few.