Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three things Thursday

1. I'm registered for a 15k on Sunday. I've trained very little. In fact, I average 1-2 runs per week. This is all due to 12 hour days in nursing school and needing to prioritize my family the rest of the time. There is a 5k also and I am considering dropping down. This is hard for me. I'm stubborn. I WANT to run the 15k. I can complete the distance no problem, but it wouldn't be a race. I don't know anyone doing the distance to run with. If I do the 5k, I start earlier, will be done faster and get home to my family quicker--maybe in time for church. I've never done an official 5k, so it could be a good experience. And it's a Hot Chocolate race--- so it's all amount the chocolate at the end, right? I'm still debating though.

2. I've had to reach the conclusion that the only training plan I can follow is "finish nursing school and get my RN." 17 more months now. Exercise is only a bonus and more for therapeutic reasons right now. Thankfully, I am eating well these days, so I'm not worried about weight gain. It's hard because part of me wants to sacrifice sleep, or family time to run. But school and family must be my priority and sleep is so important for my health and performance in school. I'm not a young thing who can pull all nights anymore.

3. I'm trying to figure out how to combine this blog with my family blog. I just don't think I will be blogging much about running and I've been considering this for a while. It's much easier to manage one blog. But I love both my blog titles so much! How do I combine Embrace This Day and Mama Needs To Run?

That's what's happening (or not happening) around these parts!