Thursday, February 21, 2013

running + nursing school + mamalife

There is nothing in life right now that makes running easy or a no-brainer.

Monday through Wednesday I leave the house between 6:20 and 6:40am. Also two of those days, my hubs leaves at 5:15am. I learned to love morning running. Getting it done before the kids were up and the day started. Not having to find time to squeeze in running or exercise later in the day and take a second shower. I got really spoiled much of last year because I did a lot of early morning running in my neighborhood because Bean didn't leave for work until about 6:45am. But his schedule has changed, and it's a benefit to us overall.

I know there are a lot of people who get up at 4:30am or 5:00am to run and I could do that. But I haven't. A lot of nights I'm studying or prepping the family for the next day of me being gone, and I don't get to bed early enough wake up that early. I have chosen to prioritize sleep in my life--a minimum of 7 hours when possible, realizing how important it is in overall health.

By the time Thursday and Friday roll around, I want to sleep in (until 6:30am when I have to get up for getting the kids to school) and cuddle on the couch all morning with my 4yr old. And weekends are full of family stuff and I don't like taking time away from my husband and children to run. When I have exams coming up (like the THREE I have next week) I typically need a few hours away from the home to focus solely on studying.

I guess I'm thankful I've been nursing an injury and have already been running less the last few months.

The hard part (well, one of them) is that I want and need running more than ever. But for the next 18 months, it's not a top priority. However, that doesn't mean I can slack off completely. Or that I want to. Because when I do fit in running, I'm so happy I did and it makes everything better.

Tuesdays I get home around 3pm and I try to do a DVD (or maybe run on the treadmill in the garage while the kids play outside around me) before I make dinner.

This morning I disciplined myself to put on running clothes before I took the kids to school (you know, instead of staying in my jammies and slippers). When we got home, I set the kidlet up with the iPad (she watches mostly PBS stuff on it, so it's educational, right?) and headed to the garage. Pumped out 3.5 miles, done before 9am.

I'm trying to figure out when I'll fit in a run on Saturday or Sunday this week. I'm registered for a 15k at the end of March, so trying to not die while running that!

This is a new season for me in running. It's been able to be a huge focus the last few years. But now my focus is getting through nursing school while being a good mom and wife.

I am also looking forward to the fact that when I'm done with nursing school coincides with when Lilybug starts kindergarten. So once I have a job as a nurse, the days I don't work--or I start later in the day, I can run after dropping THREE kids off at one school.

It will be glorious!

Oh--and I'm still having trouble with my piriformis but I got a suggestion on the Another Mother Runner Facebook page to try the pigeon pose and it's helping SO MUCH!