Saturday, December 29, 2012

Instead Softcup Challenge (for ladies only!!)

If you are one of my testosterone-dominant readers, you may want to skip this entry. Or perhaps you want to read it and file the info away for sharing with a girlfriend, wife or lady-friend. If you have those types of convos with them.

Just consider yourself forewarned.

Thanks to For The Love of the Run, several months ago I received a one months supply of Instead Softcup to test and review.

I've been intruiged by "alternative protection" during that time of the month. Since having my 3rd child, and perhaps also hitting my "mid-30's" I have needed more protection than normal. If you get my drift. Or flow. Heavy. You know.

It took me a few months to remember that I had a supply of Softcup buried on my dresser, which resides behind a curtain in my closet. Fancy digs I have. 

So when I finally did, I read the directions a few times and gave it a shot. 

I'll spare you the somewhat messy details of the week that ensued--because do you really want to read a witty post all about the insertion and removal of alternative period protection? I think not! 

But here are the things that you want and need to know about the Instead Softcup.

1. Insertion is a little tricky and takes practice. Often while sitting it didn't feel right, but once I stood up and started moving around I couldn't feel anything.

2. I didn't feel or notice it at all once I was moving around! Which was awesome. 

3. The Softcup lasted way longer than any tampon ever does. Several hours. 

4. It never leaked. Not even once. Not even during the night. The first few nights of my cycle I usually have to change my tampon during the night or have to race to the bathroom when I first wake up. But the Softcup lasted all night, without discomfort and without leaking.

5. Removal is messy. This is the downside. Perhaps there is a way to master it and not have it be so messy, but I certainly didn't figure it out in one week's time. I got better at it, but it was still messy. And this was a real detriment to using the Softcup if I knew I'd be gone all day. Getting messy in a public restroom or any bathroom away from home is a real drag. So I chose not to do it.

I will say this is a GREAT product for runners. If I had a long run coming up or a race, I would use a Softcup in a heartbeat.

In fact, I did have an incident during my last training cycle involving leaking protection that could have been a lot more unfortunate if not for black shorts and a towel I laid in the car to protect the seat from sweat, that protected it from a lot more. 

I should have worn a Softcup!! 

I've not yet had to race during a cycle, but if I did--I would totally use this product.

So, there you have it.

There are a lot of plusses to this product. The messy removal was the one drawback for me, but even that wouldn't deter me from using it in situations where I wouldn't have access to a bathroom for several hours or want to lose precious minutes on a race clock.

Thanks Tina for the opportunity!

I received a one-month's supply of Instead Softcup in exchange for a blog post review. Instead Softcup is also reimbursing me a race registration. All opinions are my own!