Saturday, September 8, 2012

week 3 + week 4: trusting the plan

On my quest for a 2-hour half marathon!

Week 3 training:

Monday, 8/27: Recovery run, 3 miles, 31:41

Tuesday, 8/28: Temp run, 5.58 miles, 57:07. My body wasn't excited about this run, but I found strength in my head this time. 3 tempo miles with .25 recovery. Splits were 8:33/8:36/9:07. Last mile was hard & walked about 15 seconds. VERY slow cool down!

Wednesday, 8/29: REST!

Thursday, 8/30: Hilly route, 4 miles, 38:29. Route was super hilly but I pushed up the hills I ran. Felt pretty good and this was one of my first runs ever that was sub-10 pace without trying hard for it or with target paces.

Friday, 8/31: Rest

Saturday, 9/1: Long run, 10.88 miles + .95 walking, 2:02. I was supposed to run 12.  There is a long list of things that happened and went wrong and why. I had to take the attitude that it was better to have this rough of a run early in the training cycle than later. I will say that my shorts have never been so soaked with sweat as they were at the end of this run. They were stuck to my body and dripping. It was hot. And humid. And so many other things.

Week 4: Step back week (much needed!)

Sunday, 9/2 + Monday, 9/3: Rest (I was sick on Monday after eating bad food late Sunday night)

Tuesday, 9/4: Easy run, 2.6 miles. I needed to ease back. Not super strong, stomach still recovering.

Wednesday, 9/5: Humid Tempo Run, 4.36. Feeling much better, but oh so humid. Goal was 3 tempo miles but could only eek out 2. But good splits at 9:01/9:03.

Thursday, 9/6: Rest

Friday, 9/7: Easy run with only ONE kid in the stroller, 4.36 miles.

Saturday, 9/8: Long run. 8 miles in 1:19. I was happy to have the average pace be under 10 minutes.

This training plan (thanks Train Like A Mother and Carrie) is the most aggressive I've ever attempted. In 2010 when I trained for this same half marathon, it was the first time I had almost completely followed a training plan. I had great results.

But now I need, I want better results.

I'm scared though. I am feeling incredibly intimidated. Running the 8 miles today I felt good, but I was running a full minute slower than my goal pace for the half marathon. I couldn't imagine running those miles at that pace.

I've just completed 4 weeks of this plan. There are still 9 weeks left of the plan.

I need to trust the plan. I have hit most of my goal paces in my runs. I am training my body and my mind.

Just trust the plan. And enjoy the run.