Tuesday, September 18, 2012

running, not running, hips and rolling

Last Thursday I set out for a 5-mile tempo run. I was a little intimidated, but I was determined. I did a lot of positive self-talk. I told myself I could do this. I believed in myself. I mapped out my route the night before. I got up at 5:30am to make sure I had enough time to complete my run.

This was happening.

Warm-up went well. Hit the pace for the first tempo mile. And I wasn't dying. And then mile 2 came. Which ended up being almost completely uphill. It wasn't a steep uphill. But uphill nonetheless. It was hard. Really hard. I tried to keep the pace, I pushed. My pace was a little off, but not terrible considering the uphill factor.

And then it was the third tempo mile. Which was my fourth running mile. My legs were shredded from that fast uphill mile. I took a walk break to try to recover. But I just couldn't pick up the pace again. I kept trying but I had to just surrender. I did a total of 5 miles instead of 6. I figured at least I could get as many miles in as possible.

By the end of the run, my right hip was painful. It's a somewhat chronic issue for me and has flared off and on the last few weeks, but nothing real lasting. This run I guess, did it in. <insert sad face>

I woke up on Friday feeling overwhelmed. My hip hurt a lot. I was looking at a 100+ degree forecast for the weekend and a lot going on. And my hip hurt. So I decided I needed to take the weekend off. I needed to give my hip some recovery time. I needed to not worry about finding time to run in crazy heat.

Carrie is the best because she agreed it was a good choice! The best coach listens and honors how the coachee (is that what I'm called? lol) is feeling.

So I didn't run for 4 days. It was good. And it wasn't. Glory be, my chiropractor was selling a foam roller for $10! It's shorter than some online, but it does the job for like a quarter of the price! I've been rolling and icing, although I need to do more of it.

My hip was a lot less painful after the break. In fact yesterday, it hardly bothered me at all. So today, I ran. I have also been struggling with getting enough sleep. I set my alarm early this morning, but was not ready to get up. So I ran after school drop-off with Lily in the jogger. My hip was ok. It wasn't always comfortable but it also wasn't super painful for my almost 4 miles.

The rest of today, my hip has bothered me some. It seems to be my IT band. The pain migrates towards my knee at times, but it's mostly in my lower back/buttocks and hip. I'm icing right now and will roll next.

This week I'm keeping my runs easy and we'll see how it goes. This is probably an issue I'll continue to deal with during training, I just need to manage it well. I really hope I can resume some of my speedwork soon though. But, I don't want a more serious injury that makes running impossible.

That's where my running and training is at right now. I'm bummed. But glad I still have some time before my race. I want to be a runner for life, so if that means an easier training for the time being, then it's worth it to me.