Friday, September 7, 2012


The hubs just randomly asked me how many miles I ran last month. I popped on to dailymile to check it out.

The answer was: 69 miles in August.  That's my third highest monthly mileage this year. January was first with 86. My marathon was at the end of January, so there were a few long training runs and the race itself. I ran 72 miles in June, which was preparation for the 15k I ran in July.

Since I had the numbers up I thought I'd tally up my miles so far this year.

And the verdict is:


I have run exactly 500 miles today, which included today's 4 miles. Tomorrow, the total will be 508. I thought it was pretty cool though to be at exactly 500.

A while back I tallied my miles for 2011 and I think it was around 500 and so I set a loose goal to run at least 750 this year. I would love a 1,000 mile year but doubling my miles in one year seemed a bit lofty.

With almost three full months left of the year and two of them training for a target race and hopefully a PR, I have a feeling I will hit the 750 mark.

I like this.