Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 1 training: DONE

I completed week 1 of training for my next half marathon. My legs are a little tired as this is the most number of times and the most miles I've run in a week in a month or more. It's a good tired though. Getting my miles back up after several weeks off feels good.

I am ready to OWN this half marathon. A few people who's opinions I trust have told me they are confident I can take the needed time off my pace to get a 2-hour half marathon.  I believe in myself too and in addition to getting all my training in this week, a few other great things happened to help propel me towards my goal.

A few nights ago I was reading my blog list while unwinding in bed (as I always do) and read that Carrie from Luminosity was offering a FREE consultation or training plan to the first three people who contacted her. Carrie recently finished her running coach certification and just launched her website too.  Carrie and I have commented back and forth on our blogs and Daily Mile and Twitter for some time now. I loved following her journey on her first marathon as I was training for mine as well.

I quickly fired off an email to Carrie hoping I was one of the first three, and I WAS! I am really excited to work with Carrie and am now extra motivated to be a success story for her. Carrie is going to base my training on the Train Like A Mother Half Marathon Own It plan that I started and help me with my paces and some other adjustments as well.

She already sent me a schedule for next week and it makes me extra excited. It's nice to have someone tell you the paces you should run and then based on how they go, we can adjust further. YAY!

In addition to this great development, I have found a long run partner--one who I think will push me when I need it!

Last year when I was featured on Another Mother Runner, I connected with another mother runner in my area (haha, great pun!), Leslie. Turns out thanks to Facebook, we realized we had a mutual friend, who is also my next door neighbor. After months of chatting back and forth on FB, we finally met up in July at a local free run and again a few weeks ago.

Yesterday she offered to meet me this morning for my long run. Leslie isn't a morning runner, so that was huge! She was looking for the motivation to get back to regular running and she is faster than me, so she wanted to help push me to that sub-2 half.

So we ran together this morning and it was great! We both struggled a bit and took a few breathers, the biggest issue being HEAT and humidity--and that we are both getting back to regular running. Regardless she still pushed me and the time flew by having someone to chat with instead of just listening to music. We hope to run together as many weekends as possible and maybe even during the week too if our schedules can coordinate.

I am off to a GREAT start with training. Hopefully when I start my nursing classes next Monday I'll still fit in all the running I need to. This first semester my classes are all afternoon/evening, so I should be able to get all my runs done in the mornings.

Today's 8 mile run:

10:13, 10:02, 10:38, 10:06, 9:52, 10:45, 11:26, 9:46
Average pace: 10:21

Pace was a bit all over the place, but I was very pleased with the run. And look at that final mile!

Weekly summary:

Monday: 3 easy miles
31:00/ 10:28 pace

Tuesday: Tempo Run, 4.5 miles
19:00/ 9:16, 9:35 tempo miles w/ .25 recovery
27:00/10:51/ 2.5 miles Warm & Cool

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest (play at beach with kids! jumping waves is a workout!!)

Friday: Ladder Workout, 4 miles
41:00/10:14 pace

Sunday: Long run, 8 miles
1:23/ 10:21 pace

Total miles: 19.5
(If I had kept track of my miles closer, I would have tacked on .5 somewhere for an even 20!)

Bring on week 2!