Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Olympics thwarts the best laid running plans!

Remember how excited I was to get back to my morning runs?

Yeah, well, I didn't account for the Olympics! I have been staying up later than normal watching, since I can usually sleep until 7am. 7 hours of sleep is about perfect for me. I also require unwinding time in bed. I used to suffer from serious insomnia. Until the advent of the iPhone. I can now browse my phone in bed for 20-30 minutes and then I fall asleep quickly after that. I can be falling asleep in the living room, but as soon as my head hits the pillow, I'm wide awake.

So watching the Olympics until 11pm means I may not be asleep until midnight. And 5:45am comes awful fast after midnight. Too fast yesterday morning in fact! I hit my snooze button so fast. The hubs even asked if I was getting up to run and that didn't rouse me. I emphatically told him "no."  I squeezed in a short Insanity workout later in the morning.

But last night I made sure to be in bed earlier, Olympics or not. And I was up running a little after 6am. Just an easy 3 miles (and I kept it at an easy pace too) but perfect for getting back in the game. I could have gone a little longer, but the hubs had to leave for work. And it was already so humid, unusual for So California.

Here I am again, watching the Olympics at 10:25pm. We don't have TiVo or DVR so it's "live" or nothing.

Good thing the Olympics end just as half marathon training begins.