Monday, July 30, 2012

getting ready for vacation

The perfect vacation for me involves time to run outside in a beautiful location. I got to do that on Saturday.

But when you are headed to Disneyland for two days, running isn't on the agenda. The only exercise I'll get for the next two days is a lot of walking.

I'm okay with this though, because right now my body is a world of hurt. I can function, but most everything hurts. Knowing what was coming, I decided to get as much activity in before our trip.

I exercised 5 of the last 6 days, including the last 4 days in a row.  My body hurts. I've started cycling in the "Max" workouts in Insanity. They kill me. In the way that I love. I've been enjoying sleeping in, so doing a DVD in the later morning or afternoon has been my workout as of late. I start training again in a few weeks and I know these are good for cross-training too.

Whether or not we were headed to Disneyland tomorrow, it would be a rest day! My muscles need recovery. I figure walking around an amusement park for 12+ hours will do the trick.

I'm also hoping that being sore will remind me how hard I'm working to be fit and keep my eating in check.  I'll let you know how it goes! Cannot wait to see my girls experience Disneyland and have this time as a family.