Sunday, June 10, 2012

weekly report and next week's plans

That has to be the most boring blog post title. But I cannot for the life of me come up with something more creative tonight.

I had a pretty decent workout week last week. This was my first week as a summer stay home mom! The first couple days I was on the tired side, recovering from a long weekend. But as the week progressed I had new energy and motivation for exercise, my family and life in general.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 miles as 1 mile warm-up and 3 tempo miles (9:39, 9:36, 9:36). I was able to pump this run out pretty easily.

Wednesday: Insanity (Cardio Abs + Warm up for Max Interval Circuit), 30 min total. I was feeling very sluggish in the afternoon and knew getting my blood pumping in some way would perk me up, and it did!

Thursday: 5.25 miles (warm and 400x9 at mile pace w/ 2 min recovery). My longest speed training yet. Because I wasn't running on a track my splits weren't too even (see them here) but I was really happy with how it went. I used the workout function on my Garmin which was really helpful.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Insanity Max Interval Circuit, 60min. I've been doing Insanity workouts for a year now, although I've never completed the entire program. I really enjoy them, but I love running too! Great cross training though. I switched to the "Max" workouts which are longer and more challenging. Wow, MAX is a great description.

Sunday: 8 miles (10:30 pace) Long, easy run.

Total: 17.25 miles and 90 min of Insanity

Most of my miles were closer to 11:00 pace but I did tempo pace the last two miles which brought the overall pace down. I've learned that tempo miles are crucial for me. It helps my body know what it feels like to run at my goal race pace and since I struggle sometimes to run "slow" enough for long runs, if I know I can go all out at the end it helps me hold back.

I was somewhat strategic in doing Insanity the day before my long run too. I knew I'd be sore to some extent and figured it would help keep my pace slower too. I did feel the workout for sure! I still had to pull myself back several times, but there were many times I looked at my Garmin and saw just the right pace.

Next week's plans:

Monday: Rest/Recovery. I may do an Insanity Recovery workout (yoga based) or Pilates.

Tuesday: 40 min @ 9:45

Wednesday: Insanity

Thursday: 6x800 @ 9:36

Friday: Rest or 3 mi EZ + core

Saturday: 9 @ 11:00

I'm also re-dedicating to healthier eating and losing the few pounds I've been fighting for a few years now. It seems SO ridiculous that I've wanted to lose 10lbs for maybe two years. I really need to dedicate myself and there is no better time because I'm not working for a few months and have no excuse for not planning ahead.

I've created a dinner menu for the family this week. I may alter my dinners slightly. I try to go easy on carbs and heavier on protein and veggies. Right now, I am about to work on my own breakfast and lunch menu's for the week. The kids are pretty standard for those meals, so I usually eat on my own after feeding them.

Let's get this done!!