Thursday, June 7, 2012

picking up the speed

I know most bloggers schedule posts at night, to be read the next day. Being on the West Coast, I read a lot of those posts at night before I go to bed.

I never know how and when to post about my runs. Silly nuances. If I say "this morning" but someone reads it tomorrow, it just seems confusing.

Rocket science, I know.

Anyhow, this morning I had a great workout!  I did more 400's than I think I ever have.  As I said before, I took the basics of the Hal Higdon Advanced 15k Training Program to create a plan for the next 4 weeks.

This mornings workout called for 9 x 400 at mile pace. Yikes! I've never done 9-400's.  But I want a good time in the 15k and I want a new half PR in November, so might as well give it a try and see what I can do.  My mile pace is 8:15 right now.

Lily wanted her pull-up off at 5:30am. Which ensured I was nice and awake and no chance of skipping my run. I was out of the door a little before 6am.

400's are best done on a track. But I haven't figured out where to use a track. I need to check out the local high school track rules. I picked an area of my neighborhood that has some small hills, but is mostly flat. Doing that many laps at the park just wasn't appealing. Especially since the park isn't completely flat either.

I started with a 3/4 mile warm-up. I used the workout option on my Garmin for .25 mile distance with a 2:00 recovery for 9 repeats. I haven't used that option before, and it was pretty great! Usually with repeats I'm looking at my watch over and over to hit lap at the right time. I was still looking at my watch to try and hit the right paces but it was much easier.

With the hills and turns and nuances of street running, my splits were a bit scattered.

8:24, 8:16, 8:22, 8:17, 8:09, 8:22, 8:37, 8:25, 8:14

So, 4 of the 9 splits were pretty close to the right pace.  The others, well--not too far off and probably were uphill at some point. I pooped out at the end of the 8:37 lap and walked the last few seconds!

I was pretty pleased that I was able to do all 9 repeats. It seemed like a lot going in to the workout. I can definitely tell that these kind of workouts will help me get faster and hit my goals. Once I finished the last 400 and ran home, I completed about 5.25 miles.  One of my longest morning workouts too.  I usually get in 4 miles. But running those fast 400's racked up the distance in a similar timeframe.

I was so energized when I got home. My legs have felt a little fatigued today and if I had compression socks, I probably would have worn them for a while. I will stretch well again later today.

Tomorrow I will probably do a workout from Insanity and shoot for 7-8 miles on Saturday or Sunday.
Now that I don't have to be at church early and all day on Sundays, I have another option for a long run. Yippee!!

I have a Road Runner giftcard---hoping to get some new shoes this weekend too.

Happy running friends :)