Monday, June 4, 2012

15k? Ok!

Last year I ran the Coronado Independence Day 15k. I didn't perform quite like I wanted to, due to a bad cold (I had almost complete laryngitis when I ran and breathing difficulties) and a painful blister on my arch.  I finished in 1:36 with an average pace of 10:19. My goal had been a sub-10 pace since my half marathon PR pace was sub-10.

I hadn't totally decided whether I would run it again or not--but this weekend I was gifted with the race entry from my church!! (I just resigned from my pastoral position because I'm going to nursing school).  They also gave me a gift card for new shoes.

I'm excited!! Especially since a big calorie burn on a holiday is a major win!

I just spent a few hours crafting a training plan. Since the race is a month away and 15k is a unique distance, I decided to combine a few different plans. I used the SmartCoach app,  the Hal Higdon 15k Advanced Training program, McMillan Race Calculator and threw in some Insanity too.

The Hal Higdon plan utilizes weekly tempo runs which I haven't done as much before. Tempo miles are always great for my brain--when I KNOW that my body is capable of maintaining a certain pace, it helps me push when my body is protesting. My biggest challenge this next month will be doing my long runs slow enough. I'm supposed to run around 11 min miles. I may need to throw in some walk breaks to keep my pace there. I've been struggling to find that slower pace recently, but I know it's important for training.

I don't NEED to PR but I know I'm capable of doing better than last year, so that's what I'll shoot for.  I also need to do hip exercises regularly as I am having chronic issues.

So, here goes!