Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 in the PM

Until today, I think my longest evening run was 5 or 6 miles. Morning running usually works much better for our family and schedule so I rarely run at all in the evenings and usually it's 30-45 minutes.

I wanted to do one more long run before next week's 15k. Finishing the distance isn't an issue for me (I NEVER thought a few years ago I'd be able to pop off 9 miles without a lot of prep). But I know putting those miles in will help my muscles to be ready to perform to the best of their ability next week. Since I don't run in the dark and my treadmill is hibernating for the summer (it's folded up!) an evening run right when the hubs got home from work was the best way to get this done.

I headed out around 5:45pm feeling a little anxious. How would running 10 miles at the end of the day feel? I wore my new shoes for the first time with tentative plans to make a stop at home to change them after several miles.  I am really happy with the shoes--but they are real different on my feet and I didn't want to risk injury. A few miles in, even though I was feeling good, I decided to play it safe and change shoes at 6 miles.

The first 3 miles of my first loop was big hills. On one hand, it's not my favorite route, but the street is long and gives me the distance which is a plus. And I know that running the big hills helps me overall. My first mile was WAY too fast! I was feeling too good and enjoying the shoes. I slowed down, especially when I hit the hills during miles 2-3. On the way back I tried to run as slow as possible downhill but it's impossible to not pick up speed.

I carried a small bottle of water and took at GU about 50min in. I had already finished the water though and was bummed I didn't have anything to wash the GU down. I was back at home a little after 6 miles. Changed my shoes and got a drink of water.

Although it was wise to change shoes, my feet missed the new shoes. I could instantly feel how broken down the old shoes are and the higher drop. The last 3+ miles were definitely the most difficult. I think part was due to my shoes and I was getting tired too! Even so, I still managed to keep a decent pace during those last miles with a few pick-ups.

I was VERY happy to head towards my house and hear my Garmin beep for mile 10. My tank top was completely soaked from sweat. The first hour or so I spent with the sun beating down and the sweat pouring. The last 45 minutes it cooled down some, there was a breeze and the sun was setting.

My legs are tired and I am ready for bed right now! And of course I still finished a little faster than I wanted. Partially due to the downhills in the first 6 miles and also that fast first mile.

I ran 10 miles in 1:45 for a 10:32 pace (Garmin shows my cool down too). I was aiming for 10:45-11:00. Next week I'm hoping to run a 9:45 pace for the 15k (9.32 miles). Based on my 10k at the end of May, I should be able to do this. I've done several days of speed work and tempo runs since then also.

Now if only the kids will sleep in past 7am tomorrow so I can too!