Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I am ready for a rest day tomorrow! As much as walking around Legoland with three kids will be a rest day. Tuesday I did my tempo double jogger run and yesterday I did Max Plyo from Insanity. Let's just talk about how hard that was. So hard. Yet so good.  I love good hard. 55 minutes of dripping sweat is what it was. I think I lost 1/2 inch from my waist just yesterday. (I wish.) Today was almost 5 miles with 5x800 involved. I know my body and my legs especially, need some rest.

2. Although they need rest, my legs are impressing me lately. When I started Insanity yesterday, I wasn't sure if I would make it through the entire workout. My legs were tired and sore. But within several minutes they had warmed up and the lactic acid worked it's way out and I kept going. Today, starting out my run my legs were once again sore and tired. But after my warm-up mile, I ended up having to slow down on almost every 800 to achieve goal pace. I don't know where my legs found it, but they did.

3. I don't think I like 800's. I prefer 400 and 1600's. I could never find my groove this morning. I almost always started out too fast--like 20-30 seconds too fast. I would have to slow down, then I'd be too slow and have to pick it up at the end. It was just a tough distance to find my goal pace (9:36).  I ran out of time to do my 6th interval. Which was okay with me. Because the 800's weren't my favorite and my legs were more than happy after 4.8 miles to call it quits.

I am definitely in the sore category this week, not sorry!