Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Magic Mile

After blogging last night about wondering how to pace my 10k on Saturday, I decided to run a Magic Mile this morning. I didn't do my training run yesterday, so I felt like my legs would be okay.

I ran an easy mile to the park for a warm up. The path around the park is about .4 miles, so it's a little more than 2 laps to complete a mile. Running one direction around the park there is a slow incline, the other direction there is also an incline but it's shorter. I intended to run so I hit the shorter incline, but I forgot to switch directions when I came into the park.

The sprinklers were on in some parts of the park. There were a few times I had to run on the grass to avoid splashing through a big puddle or to avoid being hit by a mis-directed sprinkler!

I didn't look at my Garmin until after the first lap and saw I was running at an 8:03 pace.

The big bummer was I ended up running the long slope 3 times, including the last part of my mile. I was dying by then! I actually had to stop and walk for about 10 seconds at the top of the incline because I had pushed so hard up it and I still had over a tenth of a mile to run.

So, had my course been flatter and not wet I think I would have ended around a 8:05 pace, but my final time was 8:15. I was still pretty happy with that. I am pretty sure that is the fastest mile I have run in my life.

Using Jeff Galloway's Magic Mile Race Prediction, the 8:15 mile predicts a 9:29 pace for a 10k.  Which is exactly what I was thinking!!  I'm kinda impressed with how well in tune I am with my running and paces.  The McMillan Running Calculator predicts a 9:32 10k pace.

I also liked the advice from the Run Like A Mother Facebook page: run the first two miles at a comfortable pace, the next two at a moderate pace and turn it up for the end.

Well, no matter what it will be a PR since it's my first 10k, right?