Thursday, May 31, 2012


That's what my legs feel like tonight--jello!

I have only run about 6 miles this week, but I've done Insanity twice--and that's the kicker!! I was contemplating a July 4 15k, but since I just got done training for a 10k and half training will begin in August, I decided to take a break from training.

The next few months I want to get in a lot of cross training, as well as some miles.

I ran 1-2 miles Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Getting a mile in was a logistical challenge today, so I counted Insanity towards my run streak. Staying in touch with my right hip too, which gives me trouble. No run streak is worth injury!

Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding, which will mean yummy food. And I will feel much better if I burn some calories first! I'm hoping my legs will hold up for an slow easy run in the morning.

I'm contemplating trying to do the complete Insanity workout schedule with some 2-3 mile runs thrown in also. There's just nothing like running, even if I'm doing another workout.

I'm turning 35 in a few weeks. No time like the present to reach my goals!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm drinking the juice.

Joining in on the Runner's World Run Streak from Memorial Day to July 4. I've never done a run streak before. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Especially since I put my treadmill up for the summer, so there will be no late night "get it in" runs. A few years back I think I did the 30 day Shred 28 out of 30 days, so that's maybe the closest to streaking I've come.

Yesterday was day 1 and I headed out before dinner for a warm, sweaty 2.5 miles. I was still a little sore from Saturday's 10k and we'd been working all morning in the garage. I also knew I'd be running this morning, less than 24 hours later.

This morning I went out for just 2 miles and a .25 cool down walk. I plan to do Insanity tonight, so I knew a short run was best.

One of the reasons I decided to join in the challenge is because I want to do a lot of Insanity this summer--but I want to keep running too. I need the runs for my mental stability! So a couple easy miles in the morning and Insanity later in the day--I'll be one serene, fit mama perhaps!

Check out my other blog for some new stuff going on in my life also.

Happy streaking!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The older I get, the faster I am: 10k PR race report

My title gives it away, but I PR'd in my race today! It was the first 10k I've run, so it's an automatic PR, BUT I am confident that it's the fastest 10k I've run ever and my fastest race pace.

So, here's the run-down!

Like I mentioned before, this race took place 10 minutes from my house, at a location where I've run hundreds of miles the past several years. It's where I ran my first full mile.

I woke up at 6am and my sister was going to arrive at my house at 6:40am. Since I sometimes get up at 5:30am to run, a 6am wake-up wasn't hard at all. I got dressed, ate my oatmeal and banana and drank my coffee. Did some business (ha!) and was mostly ready when my sister showed. We gathered our stuff and headed out.

The race site said you needed your ID to pick your bib up and when we parked we realized my sister had forgotten hers at my house. We weren't sure if she'd be able to pick her bib up and since it was a bit of a walk to the start, we decided to race back to get the ID instead of getting to the start to have to go back to the car.  Turns out they didn't even ask us for ID's--BOO!!!!

I was attaching her timing chip when the 10k started. According to the finish results there were almost 300 running the 10k so everyone crossed pretty quickly. But about 2 minutes after the start we crossed the timing pad too.  My sister was wearing my Garmin so she could do intervals and I was wearing my brother's. We had a mix-up and she didn't set the intervals ahead of time and I didn't realize the 110 goes into powersave mode and has to locate a signal again when you push start.

It was drizzly and rainy right before the race so we decided to keep our long sleeve shirts on. But as soon as we started, we realized we wouldn't really need them. As we headed through the parking lot I saw my buddy's truck who was volunteering, so we threw our shirts into the back of his truck. Score!

A friend who was volunteering (and is an excellent photographer) snapped this as we were first starting. (this one is downloaded from Facebook, so not the greatest quality)

I'm in the purple and my sister is in the blue. About a hundred yards down we threw our long sleeves into the truck!

I felt good right away. I actually enjoyed running on such a familiar course. I settled in to a 9:30 pace from the get-go. I hadn't intended to start off quite that fast, but I couldn't really slow down enough and I remember seeing the first mile tick at 9:33.

The 110 just gives current pace which was helpful, but I did miss the lap pace of my 305. I think if you download info from the 110 you can see all your laps, but it doesn't show on the watch history. I know that most of the miles I saw tick off were in the 9:30-9:40's. I kept worrying a bit that I was going too fast too soon, but just kept going with it.

The turn around seemed to come so fast! After I hit mile 4 I had a bit of a slump and I saw my pace time increase a bit. I think it bought it back down, but that was probably my slowest mile. Even though you don't really need nutrition for a 10k, if I had a GU on me, I probably would have taken it then for a bit of a kick.

Once I hit mile 5, I did my best to turn it on. My legs actually felt pretty decent, but my lungs were burning. I am pretty sure I ran a sub-9 min pace (I saw 8:51 a lot) for the last 1.2 miles. I wish I knew what the last .20 was because I was pushing SO hard. I may have even gotten to a sub-8 at the end.

This is a pretty rad picture my friend got of me right before the finish.

I actually kind of look like a runner! Pretty gnarly quad muscle there.  Goofy look on my face though. I was PUSHING hard. My goal is to feel like I want to puke when I cross the finish. Achieved today!

My finish time was 58:46, a 9:28 pace.  I had to wait until 5pm tonight to confirm my sub-60 finish. I crossed just after 1 hour, but I knew we started late and my Garmin was off since it didn't start right away.

I am SO thrilled with my results. I must say, the Magic Mile results are pretty right on. It predicted a 9:29 pace and mine was 9:28! I really wanted a sub-60 10k and I wanted around a 9:30 pace.  I feel pretty good about how hard I pushed and how I performed. I'm learning more about my body and my paces and maybe I could have taken 5-10 seconds off my overall pace, but that will come with time and experience.

I know I've never run that distance at that fast of a pace before, so it's a racing PR and an overall one for me too.

I love that I'm getting faster as I get older.

Oh and my sister did great too!! She stayed strong the whole time and finished with a faster pace overall than I think she thought she was capable of.

I was totally shocked to see that I was 9th in my age range today! Now granted, there were only 28 in the 30-34 category, but still, I was faster than 2/3 of them. And I'm going to be 35 in 3 weeks! What's interesting is I would have been 12/26 if I was in the 35-39 category.

Next up, I want that 2 hour half marathon BAD. But that means I need to run twice as long at a pace that's 20 seconds faster than today.  Maybe I need to find a coach.  My target marathon is in November, so I have time. I have lost about 8 pounds since my marathon (which is about what I gained while training) and I want to lose 8 more pounds. I know that will help some.

After today's race, I'm even more motivate to lose those pounds and train and cross-train hard.  I can see with hard work and the right training, I can get faster and push myself to the performance my body is capable of.

I owe SO MUCH of today's success to Train Like A Mother. I followed the 10k Own It training plan and it really made a difference. The workouts were varied so I didn't get bored and they truly gave me the confidence I needed in myself and my abilities. I will definitely be following the Half Marathon Own It plan for November's Race.

In the meantime, I'm flying high on today's race. I enjoyed the 10k distance too. Long enough to feel like a race but short enough that I couldn't believe it was already time to turn around. And exhilarating to run at a faster pace for a shorter distance than a half.

Not long after I started running I had this thought:

Next to God and my family, I'm pretty sure I love running most.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Magic Mile

After blogging last night about wondering how to pace my 10k on Saturday, I decided to run a Magic Mile this morning. I didn't do my training run yesterday, so I felt like my legs would be okay.

I ran an easy mile to the park for a warm up. The path around the park is about .4 miles, so it's a little more than 2 laps to complete a mile. Running one direction around the park there is a slow incline, the other direction there is also an incline but it's shorter. I intended to run so I hit the shorter incline, but I forgot to switch directions when I came into the park.

The sprinklers were on in some parts of the park. There were a few times I had to run on the grass to avoid splashing through a big puddle or to avoid being hit by a mis-directed sprinkler!

I didn't look at my Garmin until after the first lap and saw I was running at an 8:03 pace.

The big bummer was I ended up running the long slope 3 times, including the last part of my mile. I was dying by then! I actually had to stop and walk for about 10 seconds at the top of the incline because I had pushed so hard up it and I still had over a tenth of a mile to run.

So, had my course been flatter and not wet I think I would have ended around a 8:05 pace, but my final time was 8:15. I was still pretty happy with that. I am pretty sure that is the fastest mile I have run in my life.

Using Jeff Galloway's Magic Mile Race Prediction, the 8:15 mile predicts a 9:29 pace for a 10k.  Which is exactly what I was thinking!!  I'm kinda impressed with how well in tune I am with my running and paces.  The McMillan Running Calculator predicts a 9:32 10k pace.

I also liked the advice from the Run Like A Mother Facebook page: run the first two miles at a comfortable pace, the next two at a moderate pace and turn it up for the end.

Well, no matter what it will be a PR since it's my first 10k, right?

Monday, May 21, 2012

how do I pace my 10k?

I keep falling off the blogging bandwagon.

Well, I'm just tired and don't have a lot of time is the truth.

Let's talk about my upcoming race.  Warning: rambling may occur.

I'm running a 10k on Saturday. It's my first 10k race.  It's completely on my home turf. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing.

There is a [manmade] lake a few miles from my house. It's where I ran my first mile without stopping in 2005 that got me hooked on running. I have run probably hundreds of miles there. The path is out and back, it doesn't go all the way around. There are some short hills and slopes but I know it like the back of my hand.

I don't ever recall seeing 10k race there before.  Lots of walks and fundraising events but not an actual race with chip timing. The path isn't very wide, so I'm curious to see how this race goes.

Anyhow, I'm struggling a bit with how to pace myself for a 10k and what my goal should be.

I was planning on racing my own 10k last month, but then this one came up so I decided to wait. I had been following the Train Like A Mother 10k Own It plan leading up to the end of April. Then I took a few weeks off (I was still running, just not training) and resumed the last two weeks last week. I don't know if that was a smart plan or not. It's just what I did!

I've been wanting to do a Magic Mile to figure out my current race paces. I base most of my training paces of my 2010 half marathon PR, now 18 months old. I don't really want to use my marathon time because my stomach messed me up so badly. If I remember correctly my half split during the marathon was around 2:15 or 2:20 so maybe using the 2:09 time isn't too far off.

Should I do a Magic Mile tomorrow?  I just don't want to burn my legs out with a race on Saturday.

I feel like I could run around a 9:30 pace for the race. This would put me at 58-59min for the race. I really want to do sub-60min.

Saturday I ran 5 miles at the lake. It was an easy run on the schedule but I decided to do a couple race pace mile at the end. Miles 1-3 were in the 10:15-10:30 range. I kept having to slow down those first miles. Mile 4 was 9:29 I think and Mile 5 was 9:08. I was really pushing it at the end. My goal was sub 9:30 and I was a little surprised to see that low of a pace.

It seems that I could start at a 9:30 pace and then see what  I can do the last mile or two. I love plans though, so I want a plan! How slow do I start so as to not burn out too fast?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Groupon deal for Garmin!

I just saw on Twitter that the Groupon site is offering a Garmin 410 with a heartrate monitor for $199--a $100 savings. I bought my Garmin 305 last year for $135, so this is the newest, nicest one for just a bit more than I paid.

If you are looking to take your running to the next level, this would be a great investment! I love tracking my paces and knowing the distances are GPS calculated. Having this info on my wrist while I'm running helps me run faster and also helps me pace myself better on longer runs.

Later this summer I'll be training for a November Half Marathon, and my goal is sub 2:00. In 2011 I ran this race in 2:09, without the help of a Garmin.

Seriously.  Don't hesitate.

Go for it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

how we can change the world

Personally, I think if everyone in the world followed this motto, it would be a better place.

When you run hard, you are happier.  And it's easier to be nice to people. Just ask my 3 year old who peed in her carseat yesterday morning before she was even buckled in. I was very nice to her, even though I was furious, and I credit that mornings run.

I'm telling you, this could change the world.