Monday, April 30, 2012

drive by posting


My littlest girl has always loved pushing strollers and carts.  When she was barely walking, she'd push the double jogger by bending over to hold on to the bar along the bottom between the tires.  Now she can reach the handlebar.  She'd love to run with me the entire time if her legs could keep up. Of all my children so far, she may be my best bet for a future running partner. (p.s. that's marker on her calve, not blood!)  She also insisted on wearing an old visor of mine. I need to find a kids one for her. She'd die.

On Saturday I got to run with my sister, my husband and two new friends. A rarity for me, but so enjoyable. Our oldest had spent the night at her cousin's house, so we loaded the "little" girls up in the double jogger for 3.5 miles. We did 3 min run and 1 min walk intervals. When I get to run with others, it doesn't bother me to do intervals or a slower pace.  

This week our neighbor is driving the school carpool, which means I have a little more time in the morning, which means running before hubs leaves is pretty doable. I was on the streets at 6am this morning for a 3.5 mile run. I'm taking a week or two off from official training, so I ran by feel, but I wanted to push a bit too. 

My overall pace was 9:38 and I had negative splits. That is pretty fast for me. 

I'm running into an issue though, with fast running.  My right hip gets mad at me. It happened last week during some speedy running on the treadmill and I could feel it today as my pace went down with each mile. I thought I was pulling back a bit, but actually I didn't. I stretched well this morning and I'll do the same tonight. Foam rolling was recommended too.

This is a problem because to achieve a sub-2 half marathon, my pace needs to drop even more and be sustained for 13 miles. I'm starting to see that I'm capable, except this pesky right hip.

I'm glad I've been able to identify the issue so that I can work it out before I start half training later this summer.  Mama wants that new PR!