Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm here...and running

It's been over three weeks since I blogged!!  Craziness.

Life has just been very full and my husband uses the computer a lot at night (which is my normal blogging time) to study.  I've traveled twice in two weeks, being gone for three days at a time for two different conferences.  So just not a lot of blogging time.  (you can read more here)

But, I have been running!  I am pretty good about logging my runs on dailymile if you ever want to check in there!

I've continued using the Train Like A Mother "Own It" 10k training plan. I was going to run my own race this coming Saturday, but I found out about a 10k at the end of May at the lake I always run at and so I think I'm going to wait to race then. I'll probably repeat a few weeks of the training plan.  I've been surprised at the paces I've been able to run, especially during speedwork. I think that sub-2 hour half marathon might actually be in my reach in November.

I am registered for a half in November. I PR'd at this same race in 2011 with 2:09.  It's a pretty easy, flat course and I really want a sub-2 this year!! (I didn't run in last year).  The hubs is also registered for this race.  He's kinda in denial that he agreed to run it. He's done 10k mud runs, but I don't know if he's ever run more than 10k. He enjoys running and being active, but he doesn't make it a priority. I'm excited that he's going to HAVE To do it soon.  First he needs to finish his class and we need baseball season to end.

The area I'm struggling in, STILL is cutting enough calories to lose weight, and sticking with it. I know what to do. I use a great app for logging my food. I know what mix of foods is good for me. But when I get stressed I want sugar. And when I'm busy and rushed, I grab things that aren't the best for me and I end up too hungry later.  And I neglect to grocery shop for things that will help me enjoy eating but stay within my calorie limit.

I have lost about 5lbs that I gained while training for the marathon.  But I still want to lose about 10 more to get to where I feel really good about myself and how my clothes fit, and I think I'll see my paces drop a little more too.

I've been trying to do more self-talk lately.  Reminding myself that I have the willpower and discipline it takes, that I WANT this.  Almost all of the significant weight I've lost in my adult life has been while breastfeeding, which burns an additional 500 calories a day.

Being out of town twice and eating a lot of meals out didn't help this month. I didn't go overboard, but when all your food and meals aren't in your control, it's not easy to lose--I'm happy I just maintained.

I also know that adding more strength training and high intensity intervals would help.  But it's difficult as a working mom to find time for that. Food is really what's stopping me though, so that's what I'm focused on--since I am running 3-4 days a week.

My ultimate goal is to reach my target by my 35th birthday in mid-June.  It's still doable, but I have got to buckle down and get serious.  Part of me wants to be super strict and completely eliminate certain things from my diet. But I also want balance; freedom to make adjustments for life and events. Whenever I try to do "elimination plans" I always fail. So balance is better for me. But I've been failing there too.

Sigh. I've been talking and blogging about all this for months, even years now. I'm frustrated and disappointed in myself. But I'm also forgiving of myself. Because I work, and I have 3 kids.  My husband is in school two nights a week and baseball takes up another 2, 3 and even 4 days a week.  If my jeans are tighter than I'd like them to be, if I have a muffin top, if I'm not too excited about swimsuit weather--I have to take all that other stuff into consideration.

If anyone has any words of wisdom or motivation or ideas--bring them on!!

I'm looking forward to my run tomorrow. I feel the need to run longer than 30 minutes.  I don't know if I have the time though, unless I'm up at 5am.  We'll see.

I'll try to blog more! Gotta get back in the routine somehow :)