Sunday, April 1, 2012

getting closer to being faster

I've mentioned (in every post perhaps) that I want to get faster.  Training for a shorter distance seemed like the way to go and following the "10k Own It" plan in Train Like A Mother is rocking my world!

Friday I did a speed workout, 3 days late, but I was able to hit the paces pretty well.

Since I struggle with running slow enough on my long runs, I figured being a little tired from Friday's workout could work to my advantage for a long run the next day. I got up at 6am to run as soon as it started to get light and get my run done since we were headed out of town for the day.

When I leave early before the kids are awake, I leave through our backyard, from a sliding glass door in our bedroom because the front door can be loud.  I admit, as I passed by my side of the bed and the warm covers, for a split second I just wanted to climb back in! But I continued out the door and onto the street.

The best route for a longish run from my house involves some decent hills, so even splits are difficult to achieve. My long run pace goal is around 11:00 minutes.  This long run was 7 miles, with finishing the last 15 minutes strong. I had no idea what I could pull off in those last 15 minutes, but I was going to give it all I had!

Here's how the run went:

10:53-Mile 1. Pretty flat, paced myself well.

11:33-Mile 2. Heading up the big hills. My goal on these hills is usually 12:00 or under.

11:22-Mile 3. More hills and a little flat.

10:34-Mile 4. Heading downhill now. It's SO hard to not run sub 10's on these downhills, but I really made an effort to go slow and not go faster than 10:30.

10:39-Mile 5. Finishing the downhill.

I couldn't quite decide how much distance to give myself for the last 15 minutes. After thinking about it almost the entire run, I decided on 1.75 miles.

10:20 pace for .25, getting ready to finish strong

9:13-Mile 5.25 to 6.25 Luckily the finish is flat. I was really pushing but it felt really good.

9:02 pace Mile 6.25 to 7. Dug REALLY deep and found my strong. I was shocked to see this pace on my Garmin. And super pleased! It was hard to imagine holding these last paces for an entire 6 miles, but I feel like I'm seeing good improvement to be able to hold them after running 5+ miles.

I have a few more weeks before I'm going to "race' the 10k distance. My confidence is increasing. Honestly I'd be thrilled with an overall pace under 9:30. If I can get in the 9-9:15 range, I will be ecstatic!

Even though it wasn't the greatest running week for me, I still finished with 14 miles.

Now on to next week!