Friday, March 2, 2012

running with the double stroller

After dealing with kids & myself being sick most of this week, I really wanted to get out for a run on Thursday.  There is a park about a half-mile from our house, but I can run a route that gets me 3+ miles before we get there.  The little girls were more than happy to go for a run with mommy and end at the park for a little playtime.  I was thrilled that my route got me 3.5 miles by the time we reached the park.

The streets in my neighborhood aren't too busy and I run in the street on the opposite side of the street.  I've been running this way (solo and with the stroller) for a few years now.  I feel so much safer this way!  I can see the cars approach me and they see me faster than if they were coming up behind me.  Running on the asphalt is easier on my feet and joints.  It's not bumpy for the stroller like the sidewalk would be and I don't have to go up and down curbs or worry about cars backing out of  driveways.

I both love and hate running with the double stroller.  I love being out there with my girls.  I love the example that it sets.  I love how strong I feel running along with the stroller.  I hate how heavy it is.  I hate how slow I push it up the small rolling hills in my neighborhood.  But I look at it as a good strength as well as cardio workout.  And hey, I'm out there--and that's what matters most!

I was pretty pleased to end up with 4 miles at a 10:30 pace--not too bad for pushing my 3 & (almost) 5 yr olds with hills involved.  They even notice when I run hills because they ask me why I'm not going fast.  So nice of them, huh?

Lily got out to "run" right before we reach home.

Gracie especially loves this house that has tons of vegetation and trees growing up over the sidewalk.  She calls it "the forrest" and there are even ceramic animals in the bushes.

It was a great way to start my days off with my girls!  I've been running with my BOB Duallie Revolution for almost 5 years now.  Best investment ever! I've had to replace a few tire inner tubes but other than that it's held up great.