Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'll never like waking up to run. But I'll keep doing it

I am a morning runner.  Most of the time. 

It's the only surefire way I'll get a run in.  Especially in the winter when it gets dark early at night.  It seems that many mothers, whether they work or are at home, feel the same way.  As the day goes on, you never know what will happen to change your running plans.  Of course there is the ever present mother-guilt that hits when your kids complain that you're leaving or your husband begrudgingly agrees you can run as soon as he gets home from work.

I may be a morning runner, but I don't like waking up early.  I like being cozy in my bed and squeezing out every last moment in it.  Just ask Bean, it drives him crazy.  

But there is nothing like completing my exercise for the day before 7am.  Only having to take one shower.  Starting the day with a calorie deficit.  

This morning is a great example of how most mornings go, and why I've never regretted an early run.

Lily is a terrible early morning sleeper.  She starts stirring, fussing, calling for us between 4 and 5am.  It's just lovely.  It makes me want to get out of bed before 6am even LESS, because I've been sleeping terribly from 4am on.  If anyone has any ideas about how make my kid quit stirring so early, that would be super awesome.  

So yeah, the last thing I want to do is drag myself out of bed to run.  But Bean's alarm goes off at 5:45am and he gets in the shower, so the chances of me getting more quality sleep is slim to none.  But staying warm and dozing off is almost as tempting.  

I had an internal argument with myself this morning.  I could get up and run as planned, or I could snooze longer and squeeze in exercise after work but before dinner and Wednesday night church.  But that would  mean taking another shower.  And I needed to wash my hair, so skipping the morning shower wasn't an option.  I could do today's run tomorrow since I'm off.  

Usually when I talk myself out of an early run, I regret it minutes after I'm up for the day.  I think to myself, would it really have been that big of a deal to get up 45 minutes ago to run?

So I laid there, considering the options.  Then I looked at the clock and it was 5:34am.  And I got up.

I ran 3 miles at 9:31, and a half mile warm and half mile cool.  It wasn't an easy run, but I did it.  And I got it done.  It felt great to walk back in the house at 6:35am knowing I had logged those miles.  

And it felt REALLY good about 1pm when I contemplated having to pump myself up to exercise or perhaps skip today's workout.  Because I didn't have to.  I'd already gotten it done.

That is why I will continue to wake up early to run.  Although tomorrow I am looking forward to staying in my bed until 6:30am or maybe even 6:45am since it's my day off and I can fit exercise in later in the day. 

But sometimes, I still get up early on my days off to run.  Because it feels good to get it done.