Thursday, March 29, 2012

the hardest rest days

Rest days can be hard to take.  Us runners, we love to run and although our bodies often need rest from running, we still long for the mental and emotional benefits from running.  The release it offers, the control, the me-time.

The hardest rest days to take are those that aren't related to days of running and fatigued muscles.  But they can be just as necessary, if not more.

The speed workout I was excited to do on Tuesday morning? Never happened.  I was too tired to get up Tuesday morning.  I left for work shortly after 8am and I got home just before 9pm.  I had hoped to have a few hours in the afternoon to sneak away for a run before my evening meeting, but I wasn't able to fit it in.   Wednesday was basically a 12 hour day as well, with 90 minutes at home for dinner.

Normally if I've missed a few days of running due to work, I can't wait for Thursday because there is so much more opportunity to get a run in--either on the treadmill before the hubs leaves for work, or with the girls in the jogger or maybe when hubs gets home from work.

I decided to not set my alarm to run. If I was awake, I'd run early.  But I didn't.  Within an hour of being awake, I realized I needed a rest day.  Not because I had logged so many miles or hard workouts.  My body needed rest from busyness.  I didn't want to figure out when to run and when to take another shower. Spending time with my children and taking care of my home were the most important things today.

I was tired all day. I felt like I could have laid down and taken a nap at any point in the day. That alone showed me I made the right decision.

I trust that I'll wake up in the morning feeling more like myself, ready to add more miles to my weekly tally, which sadly is only 2.5 right now.

Mentally, it was hard to not run. 

This was the hardest kind of rest day to give myself.  But so necessary.