Thursday, February 2, 2012

working out with three kids (and a few giveaways to enter)

The hubs is taking a class on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so I told my sister she should come over after work and we can work out then, as opposed to getting up early in the morning.  Bean wouldn't mind if we exercised mid-evening with him around, but it is a bit of an imposition in our small house, so this is a perfect opportunity.

I've been reminded this week how much of a later in the day exerciser I am at heart.  Until the past few years, most of my exercise was late afternoon, early evening.  Before Lily was born I ran at the lake a lot with the girls in the double jogger after naptime and before dinner.

Now with three kids and just an all around crazier life it feels like, if I don't work out in the morning it often doesn't happen.  Even when I get in a good run in the morning, it often still feels like I'm half asleep.  It takes me a good hour in the morning to feel fully awake and firing on all cylinders.

This week my sister and I have tackled Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, an older Jillian Michaels DVD.  I like this DVD a lot because it has a lot of similar moves to Shred but not at such lightening speed.  It takes about 45 minutes but there are several intervals so it goes pretty fast.

Let me give you some perspective.

We have a small house.  The living room is a long narrow space leading into the dining area.  On one end is the hall leading to the bedrooms and the other end is the doorway to the kitchen.  There is an 5x7 foot area rug in front of the couch and the the TV is centered there.

On Tuesday when we started out exercising, my oldest daughter was at the table doing homework.  The little girls (3 and 4.5) were on the couch watching us.  For about two minutes, until they decided to join in.

The oldest decided this was a great time to chat with me, as I'm huffing and puffing, trying to avoid punching or kicking another child she is telling me about her day at school and any other random thing she can think of.  The little girls wanted to be right in line with us--not in front or behind us, and preferably in between us. Which left us with very little room of course.  I told them to move over, watch out countless times.  At one point I did make contact with the littlest, startling her.  I don't remember if it was a hand or a foot, but she was not happy with me.  Hey--don't get in mama's way when she's trying to sweat!

The 3yr old has a nasty cold this week.  Congested and full of phlegm with a thick cough.  Too much activity causes her to go into a coughing spasm and then throw up phlegm and saliva.  It's lovely.  About halfway through the workout she had an attack so I had to stop and clean up the mess.  I spent the rest of the workout telling her to stop exercising, to rest and to go slowly.

The 4.5 yr old was wearing a skirt and really going to town on the moves.  We were doing some swing kicks and the skirt was hindering her range of motion.  I told her to pull it up or take it off.  Next thing you know, both little girls were in panties only thinking it was hilarious.  Before the workout was over Lily had another coughing and vomit fit as well.  Never a dull moment.

My sister was in awe of the whole scenario.  I think she was a bit surprised that I would actually attempt to workout while managing three kids.  I think there were a few more things that happened but I can't even remember.

We were back at it tonight and the first half was much calmer.  One kid was with the neighbor, one was watching Netflix on the computer and the other was watching it on my iPhone.  I think my sister was a little disappointed it was so mellow.  But then the oldest came home and we had to pause while I got her dinner and then listened to her critique our moves and get in trouble for being rude.  The 3yr old got bored and wanted to work out, which culminated with more coughing and vomit and somehow she ended up wearing no panties and just a shirt while exercising.

My sister thinks we need to set up a video camera to capture it all.  She said then people would see they have no excuse NOT to work out, if I can get it done while commandeering this three ring circus.

We're going to keep trying to work out on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Maybe I need to make a weekly feature of all that goes on during these workouts.  In spite of it all, we've gotten a good sweat on and deserve pats on the back for getting it done (I think).

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