Thursday, February 16, 2012

#womensrunning twitter chat

Tonight I got to participate in the #womensrunning tweet-up.  I don't always get to because it occurs at 6pm in my timezone which is sometimes crazy time in a house with three kids.  And sometimes I forget.  But tonight I remembered and there was less pressure because tomorrow is a school holiday so there was no bedtime rush.

Andrea encouraged us to blog our answers to the prompts, giving them more characters than 140 or less.  I always enjoy talking and writing about running so I figured why not!

Question 1: Your running story in 3 words.

Just three words?  To share my running story?  7 years of running in three words?  Three kids, a job, and so many life changes?

My first response was mommy, stroller, run.  One of the main reasons I first became a runner was it was something I could do with my daughter in tow.  As a working mom, I treasure the time I get with my kids.  Yes, I need adult time too and I don't spend all my free time with my kids.  But as I developed a love for running and an ability, there wasn't any good reason to not continue to do it with my daughter.  For easily 3+ years 99% of my runs were with the jogging stroller.  First a single, and then a double.

My second response (cause three words just wasn't enough) was more of a description of where I'm at these days with running.  Stress, release, repeat.  I usually say that my running is 50% soulcare and 50% bodycare.  Lately it feels more like 75/25.  I don't totally know why.  But I have been needing my runs so much lately.  Now that my marathon is over and I don't have a specific goal I'm working towards, I just want to run every day.  I can't, and don't.  But I think about it running every day.  So much melts away as I run.

Question 2: What has running inspired you to accomplish in your life away from running?

Running has inspired me to be more disciplined.  It's helped me realize that I am capable of more than I think I am.  And if I put my mind to something, I can achieve it, in spite of the odds, in spite of the reasons why I shouldn't be able to achieve it.  Quite practically, running has shown me that I can get up early and get something done.  I am not a morning person, nor a very happy waker.  But when that's the only time I have, then I get it done.

Question 3: Name some topics that have inspired you to write a good running story on your blog/website.

Most recently I have enjoyed blogging my marathon training and race.  I also love writing about how running positively affects my life and how I find balance.  Running isn't the easiest thing to fit into my life, but it's become very necessary.  I love talking about how I make it work and maybe inspiring others to do the same.  

Question 4: What running books and magazines inspire you to run faster? 

I really enjoy reading Runner's World.  I only started getting it a few years ago but every issue is full of inspiration and stories of everyday people running and getting faster.  I'm also inspired by the drive of professional runners and how hard they work.  

I also love the book Run Like A Mother.  From the first few paragraphs of the introduction I knew I had found a book that represented my soul, that "got me".  And I knew that I wasn't alone in my love of running, in my need of it and how integral it was to my identity as a mother.  I've been a runner for only one year less than I've been a mother.

Just today I received an email offering a review copy of Train Like A Mother and I was so excited to be considered to review it!  So sometime next month I should be able to blog about the new book.

Question 5: Name one runner (or more if you have to) that inspires you and why they inspire you.

There are so many.  I am inspired by Kara Goucher who had a baby and is still a racing force to be reckoned with.  I am inspired by Erin, because she has 12 children including special needs kids and gets up at 4:30am everyday to run and has a goal of the 2016 Olympic Marathon trials.  I'm inspired by Dorothy because she is crazy fast and runs with a triple stroller, yet is an everyday mom like the rest of us.

I could go on and on.  I'm inspired by every single mother runner because it is hard to make that time for yourself.  It's hard to put the housework and errands on the back burner and run, even if you are pushing a stroller. And if you are, it's hard to push a jogging stroller.  I love my twitter feed because it's full of runners.  I love logging on to Daily Mile and seeing the runs logged.  I love the Another Mother Runner blog and their Facebook page.  

Question 6: What do you want the last sentence of your own running story to say?

My response was: "She ran to the very end, inspiring with every mile."  

I have never been an athlete.  I was a very active kid and I spent plenty of time exercising in high school and college; mostly exercise DVD's and the elliptical.  I desired to be an athlete, but never really had an opportunity to develop.

But running has made me an athlete.  It has given me a sport.  Something that's mine.  It's the perfect sport for me because I only have to compete with myself.  It's just my legs pumping faster that makes me better.  And if I don't want to run fast, I don't have to.  It's all up to me.

So I do hope I inspire.  Because I'm just an average girl.  Who likes to run and doesn't care so much how fast or slow she is, she just likes to run.

 I'd love to read some more responses to these questions.  Write a blog post and share the link in the comments, or answer your favorite of these questions in the comments.

Join in at 6pm PST on the 3rd Thursday of the month for more #womensrunning. 

Happy running!