Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Things I Love About Running

I'm joining in on the #runchat love today, talking about what I love about running.  Next to God and my family, I may love running the most.

1. I love running because I finally have a "sport."  I never played organized sports as a kid and I tried out for basketball a few times, but didn't have the skills or talent to make the team.  Now I follow professional runners and know all about the Olympic Marathon trials.  And I can say I'm part of the 1% of the population who has run a marathon.

2.  I love running because it gives me a little license to indulge without guilt.  In fact, running on Valentine's Day, or almost any food-related holiday is a must for me.

3.  I love running because it's the one thing I do for myself that I don't feel guilty about.

4.  I love running because people somehow admire me for running, even though I believe anyone can be a runner.

5.  I love running because it requires very little "gear".  Sure there's lots of fun or helpful stuff, but  truly a pair of shoes is all you need.  Or you could be a barefoot runner and not even need shoes!

6.  I love running because I struggle to express my emotions, and sometimes I need to feel the pain of my soul in my body.  Running is half soul, half body for me.

7.  I love running because of the running community I've found online.

8.  I love running because my girls copy me.  They want to wear my running gear and they talk about running a racing to me quite often.

9.  I love running because I can run with my kids.  As a working mom my time with my kids is precious so sometimes taking more time away from them to run (if I can't run early in the morning) just isn't okay with me.  The first 5-6 years I was running, I almost ALWAYS ran with a stroller.  Now that we live in a neighborhood I can run in, I don't run with the stroller as much.  But still love the option, especially on my days off.  And running outings are fun! We run, then we play.

10.  I love running because it makes me a better person.