Tuesday, February 28, 2012

things I've read

I read a lot of blogs.  Too many probably.  At least too many to truly engage.  I need to pare down my list.    Because I enjoy engaging in blogs and comments and conversations.

In the last few days I've read some posts that struck various chords within me.

I was really surprised to read about Heather's discovery that her tubal ligation may be causing a variety of emotional and physical complications (also part 2).  With one breath, I'm so thankful that I trusted my gut and the googling I did prior to my 3rd c-section and cancelled my own tubal ligation.  And then in the next breath I'm heartbroken for Heather and others who may be facing similar challenges.  For me, the decision boiled down to my fallopian tubes being involved in a monthly occurrence that will be with me for many years to come.

Reading Julie's "Happy Sunday" scriptures is a highlight of my week.  I love reading familiar scriptures in a variety of versions.  I always enjoy her blog in fact.

Have you ever felt this way?  I probably do every day.

Ok, I'm not sure what took me so long to find Sarah at Emerging Mummy.  I've only been reading for a few months but I love her style and appreciate her honesty so much.  And two days in a row, her words caused a deep sigh, because yes, that's how I feel too.  The tired thirties? Absolutely.  I cannot fathom several good nights sleep in a row.  I cannot even fathom not being exhausted at the end of a day, in spite of good sleep the night before.  I've heard of Madeline L'Engle, but I don't know much about her.  But now I really want to read her work.  Have you heard of Sisyphus?  I bet you feel the way he did.

My sister introduced me to Shauna Niequist a few months ago.  I wish we were neighbors because I feel like we could be friends.  I've been reading her books and her blog.  I can truly identify with her struggles with time and whether we spend it well or poorly.

These are some things I've been reading.  What have you read lately that was funny, poignant or that resonated deeply?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Last week's runs

Last week was my highest mileage since my marathon a month ago!  In part because I have been careful to not push my body too much and in party because it's been challenging to get more miles in with life and sick kids.

My neighbor and I alternate weeks driving to school.  The weeks I drive, it's very difficult to run in the morning.  The kids and I have to be ready to leave the house at 7:30am--with lunches and whatever else is needed for the day.  Realistically, I would need to wake up at 5am to run on these days.  Realistically, I also do not go to bed early enough to wake up at 5am.

Since I was driving last week, I made the grown-up decision to not stretch myself too thin by running in the morning.

By Tuesday I hadn't run in three days.  I was really needing to run.  I brought my running stuff with me to work, plowed through lunch and was able to slip out a little early and squeeze a run in before I picked the kids up.  I went to the local (man-made) lake, planning 3-4 miles.  It felt great to be out there, but I felt sluggish and my legs were heavy.  I kept on though and ended up with 3.65 miles.

I forgot my Garmin, and it was paining me to not have a measure of my exact distance and pace.  I remembered an empty baggie in a carseat from an eaten snack.  I shook out the crumbs and put my iPhone in it, and stuck it in my sports bra.  Classy, I know!

I wasn't checking my pace or distance during the run, just going by feel.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that my overall pace was still 10:00min/mile.  I was expecting more like 10:30.  I have been working on pushing myself a little more and running a little faster and I guess it's working since my "sluggish" pace that day was what's been my default pace for some time now.

Thursday my oldest stayed home from school with a sore throat.  My husband has class on Tues/ Thurs and is only home for about 90 minutes.  Bless him for letting me get out to run when he got home from work!  I was on a time limit to get home, and my course was slightly longer than I thought, so I had to push myself.  I ran 3.65 miles at 9:55 average pace.  That made me very happy! Anytime my pace is under 10:00 for more than a few miles, it makes me feel fast.

On Friday I had 3 extra nieces & nephews hanging out.  The kids all play together well, so it's not a big deal.  And our family helps us out all the time managing work schedules and kids that anytime we can return the favor we do.  Late in the morning we all headed outside to expend energy.  My treadmill is in the garage, so I figured I might was well get some exercise in while keeping an eye on the kids.  There were plenty of interruptions, but I did 1.7 miles in intervals, with strength exercises in between (lunges, squats, push-ups, standing abs etc).

I've felt ready for a 4+ mile run for a few weeks now and I finally was able to get it in on Saturday.  I headed to the lake and ran 5 miles.  I ran the first 3 miles too fast and I knew it .  I was around 9:45.  I kept trying to slow down, but I just couldn't.  The 4th mile was over 10:00, and then I brought it back down for the last part of the 5th mile and had a 9:54 overall pace.

I am thrilled that I ran 5 miles with a sub-10 pace!  I know my splits weren't ideal, but it helps me so much to know I'm capable of those paces and to continue to push myself on my runs.  I have been trying to do more strength training and DVD's (Jillian Michaels and Insanity) which I know helps too.

I am very happy to have logged 14 miles last week.  I am hoping to do the same or more this week!

Monday, February 20, 2012

the running way

The passion and dedication I have for running and exercise is only rivaled by my love of my family.  As adamant as I am that moms need to take time for themselves and that exercise is one of the most beneficial ways to do this, sometimes I still lose my running way.  I've blogged before about how I'll let other things in life slide, just to get a much needed run in.

But as disciplined as I can be about running, just easily I lose my way.  My dedication to my family overtakes my running.  I find this is both good, and bad.

This is a difficult dilemma for me.  I love running.  I need running.  But I love my family and I want to be there for them.  I guess I'm still learning how to make both a priority on an ongoing basis.  But just as I let household things go to get a run in, sometimes I have to let the run go in order to be there for my family.

I believe that balance in life looks different each day.  Not everything in life should have an equal part of the pie.  Every day has it's own priorities.

But when I go days without running, it feels like I'm losing my way.

Saturday was my husbands birthday.  My nieces and nephew were also coming over in the morning.  We had errands to do and a sick child.

Sunday is my early and most tiring workday.  When I run before I head in to church at 7:30am on Sundays, I am tired all day.  Sometimes I can muster energy and motivation for an afternoon run, but I had errands to run and we were headed back to church at 6pm.

Today, Monday, was a holiday.  I had plans to meet with my two lifelong best friends for breakfast, which is a 40 minute drive and our times together are at least 3 hours.  The afternoon was for Bean to study for a big exam he has tomorrow night.  My living room was the playspace for my 4yr old and our 4yr old neighbor.  I could have dragged out to the treadmill (Bean went somewhere else to focus on studying) but although I can run on the treadmill early in the morning, there is something about running on it looking out at a beautiful afternoon (the 'mill lives in the garage).

So three days of no running.  I feel like I've lost my way.  My lack of running has also led to consuming too much sugar too.  Somehow they are related, though I wish they weren't.

I could have gotten up really early one of those mornings, but I relish the one (and with the holiday two) mornings a week Bean and I get to "sleep in" together.  And with a sick child and a dog in the house, sleep wasn't solid or good.

My kids are still really young.  I can't get these moments, these days back.  There will be days to come when they will all be in school, when they will be more self-sufficient in the mornings or maybe actually sleep in.  Days that aren't birthdays.

I need to be proud of these days, when putting my family first is the right thing to do.  Just as I'm proud of the weeks I log miles and nail a training schedule.

So really, I'm not losing my way.  It just changes.  And I can always find the running way again.

Found here.  Yes, I want. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

#womensrunning twitter chat

Tonight I got to participate in the #womensrunning tweet-up.  I don't always get to because it occurs at 6pm in my timezone which is sometimes crazy time in a house with three kids.  And sometimes I forget.  But tonight I remembered and there was less pressure because tomorrow is a school holiday so there was no bedtime rush.

Andrea encouraged us to blog our answers to the prompts, giving them more characters than 140 or less.  I always enjoy talking and writing about running so I figured why not!

Question 1: Your running story in 3 words.

Just three words?  To share my running story?  7 years of running in three words?  Three kids, a job, and so many life changes?

My first response was mommy, stroller, run.  One of the main reasons I first became a runner was it was something I could do with my daughter in tow.  As a working mom, I treasure the time I get with my kids.  Yes, I need adult time too and I don't spend all my free time with my kids.  But as I developed a love for running and an ability, there wasn't any good reason to not continue to do it with my daughter.  For easily 3+ years 99% of my runs were with the jogging stroller.  First a single, and then a double.

My second response (cause three words just wasn't enough) was more of a description of where I'm at these days with running.  Stress, release, repeat.  I usually say that my running is 50% soulcare and 50% bodycare.  Lately it feels more like 75/25.  I don't totally know why.  But I have been needing my runs so much lately.  Now that my marathon is over and I don't have a specific goal I'm working towards, I just want to run every day.  I can't, and don't.  But I think about it running every day.  So much melts away as I run.

Question 2: What has running inspired you to accomplish in your life away from running?

Running has inspired me to be more disciplined.  It's helped me realize that I am capable of more than I think I am.  And if I put my mind to something, I can achieve it, in spite of the odds, in spite of the reasons why I shouldn't be able to achieve it.  Quite practically, running has shown me that I can get up early and get something done.  I am not a morning person, nor a very happy waker.  But when that's the only time I have, then I get it done.

Question 3: Name some topics that have inspired you to write a good running story on your blog/website.

Most recently I have enjoyed blogging my marathon training and race.  I also love writing about how running positively affects my life and how I find balance.  Running isn't the easiest thing to fit into my life, but it's become very necessary.  I love talking about how I make it work and maybe inspiring others to do the same.  

Question 4: What running books and magazines inspire you to run faster? 

I really enjoy reading Runner's World.  I only started getting it a few years ago but every issue is full of inspiration and stories of everyday people running and getting faster.  I'm also inspired by the drive of professional runners and how hard they work.  

I also love the book Run Like A Mother.  From the first few paragraphs of the introduction I knew I had found a book that represented my soul, that "got me".  And I knew that I wasn't alone in my love of running, in my need of it and how integral it was to my identity as a mother.  I've been a runner for only one year less than I've been a mother.

Just today I received an email offering a review copy of Train Like A Mother and I was so excited to be considered to review it!  So sometime next month I should be able to blog about the new book.

Question 5: Name one runner (or more if you have to) that inspires you and why they inspire you.

There are so many.  I am inspired by Kara Goucher who had a baby and is still a racing force to be reckoned with.  I am inspired by Erin, because she has 12 children including special needs kids and gets up at 4:30am everyday to run and has a goal of the 2016 Olympic Marathon trials.  I'm inspired by Dorothy because she is crazy fast and runs with a triple stroller, yet is an everyday mom like the rest of us.

I could go on and on.  I'm inspired by every single mother runner because it is hard to make that time for yourself.  It's hard to put the housework and errands on the back burner and run, even if you are pushing a stroller. And if you are, it's hard to push a jogging stroller.  I love my twitter feed because it's full of runners.  I love logging on to Daily Mile and seeing the runs logged.  I love the Another Mother Runner blog and their Facebook page.  

Question 6: What do you want the last sentence of your own running story to say?

My response was: "She ran to the very end, inspiring with every mile."  

I have never been an athlete.  I was a very active kid and I spent plenty of time exercising in high school and college; mostly exercise DVD's and the elliptical.  I desired to be an athlete, but never really had an opportunity to develop.

But running has made me an athlete.  It has given me a sport.  Something that's mine.  It's the perfect sport for me because I only have to compete with myself.  It's just my legs pumping faster that makes me better.  And if I don't want to run fast, I don't have to.  It's all up to me.

So I do hope I inspire.  Because I'm just an average girl.  Who likes to run and doesn't care so much how fast or slow she is, she just likes to run.

 I'd love to read some more responses to these questions.  Write a blog post and share the link in the comments, or answer your favorite of these questions in the comments.

Join in at 6pm PST on the 3rd Thursday of the month for more #womensrunning. 

Happy running! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Things I Love About Running

I'm joining in on the #runchat love today, talking about what I love about running.  Next to God and my family, I may love running the most.

1. I love running because I finally have a "sport."  I never played organized sports as a kid and I tried out for basketball a few times, but didn't have the skills or talent to make the team.  Now I follow professional runners and know all about the Olympic Marathon trials.  And I can say I'm part of the 1% of the population who has run a marathon.

2.  I love running because it gives me a little license to indulge without guilt.  In fact, running on Valentine's Day, or almost any food-related holiday is a must for me.

3.  I love running because it's the one thing I do for myself that I don't feel guilty about.

4.  I love running because people somehow admire me for running, even though I believe anyone can be a runner.

5.  I love running because it requires very little "gear".  Sure there's lots of fun or helpful stuff, but  truly a pair of shoes is all you need.  Or you could be a barefoot runner and not even need shoes!

6.  I love running because I struggle to express my emotions, and sometimes I need to feel the pain of my soul in my body.  Running is half soul, half body for me.

7.  I love running because of the running community I've found online.

8.  I love running because my girls copy me.  They want to wear my running gear and they talk about running a racing to me quite often.

9.  I love running because I can run with my kids.  As a working mom my time with my kids is precious so sometimes taking more time away from them to run (if I can't run early in the morning) just isn't okay with me.  The first 5-6 years I was running, I almost ALWAYS ran with a stroller.  Now that we live in a neighborhood I can run in, I don't run with the stroller as much.  But still love the option, especially on my days off.  And running outings are fun! We run, then we play.

10.  I love running because it makes me a better person.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Motivation

I already haven't had the greatest start to my week in terms of exercise.  I had hoped to run on the treadmill this morning, but I stayed up way too late last night watching the Grammy's.

But I'm determined to get in some sort of activity tonight, even though it won't be as convenient.

My friend pinned this last week and it's so true.

I'm going to do it.  How about you?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Running for Sherry

At the beginning of January a mother runner disappeared during an early morning run.

The things nightmares are made of.

But today, that horrific tragedy brought hundreds, maybe even thousands of runners together.

We ran in honor of Sherry.  We ran for her family.  We ran for each other.

Runners all over the United States and perhaps the world dedicated their runs today to Sherry. I was able to get out this afternoon for a little over 4 miles.

While I ran, I prayed for Sherry's family.  I prayed comfort for her children.  Peace for her husband.  I prayed for her students (she was a teacher) and her community.

I took a different route than I normally do.  I wanted to shake things up and make sure I didn't zone out.  I wanted to focus on why I was running.  My route took me up a short but steep hill.  I wanted to walk the last little bit.  But I didn't.  I pushed on through the hard, because I know that's what Sherry's family is doing right now.

Pushing on through the hard.

I am thankful for the running community, especially the mother runners.  As a mostly solo runner, I am thankful for social media and the runners it connects me too.

My heart breaks over this story.

I am thankful I could run for Sherry today and I know for many miles to come I will think of her and pray for her family and friends.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

filling in the cracks: today's run

I am an internalizer.  I am not sure why, but I have an issue with showing emotion.  Specifically crying.  There are even times I WANT to cry, I need to express emotion but I just can't.

When life gets overwhelming for whatever reason, and let me tell you three kids, a job and a busy life are enough reason to feel overwhelmed, I feel it on the inside.  Inside, I can be a wreck, while holding it together on the outside.

But sometimes, the inside is crumbling and the outside starts to crack too.  I crack from the inside out.

In times like these, all I can think about is when I can spend time with God and when I can sweat. I crave miles.  I crave intense cardio.  I need the endorphins, to get in touch with the muscle fibers, to let my sweat be my tears.

Today was one of those days.  I NEEDED a run.  I need to repair the cracks.

What a great day to need a run!  It was 80 degrees and I had my little girls and nothing on the agenda.  I made a few sandwiches, defrosted the bread butts I had saved in the freezer and loaded up the double jogger.  We headed to the lake for a run and to feed the ducks.  Happy things for all of us!

I don't run all the time with the jogger these days.  My kids are growing, I realized once again today, while pushing that beast.  My BOB Revolution Duallie is one of my most treasured possessions.  Honestly, it is.  It pushes so much better than almost all double strollers out there.

But with a 3 and almost 5 year old, weighing in together at almost 80lbs---pushing that thing isn't so easy. All the better for filling in the cracks though!

Not only was the sun beating down and the stroller heavy, but the girls were so chatty!  And when I'm huffing and puffing trying to push them, figuring out what they are saying is challenging.  Mostly it's Lily asking silly questions and making funny statements.

A little after 2 miles we took a little walk break, during which Lily fell and scraped her elbow and forehead a minute in.  On the way back I finally played music from my iPhone speaker to signal to the kids I couldn't talk!  So they talked to each other instead.

4.5 miles took me about 52 minutes.  My mile paces were mostly under 11:00 minutes except for the walk break.  But I wasn't trying to be fast.  I just needed to run and sweat.

My kids won't touch me when I'm sweaty, yet she insists on wearing my sweaty visor.

The run did it's job.  The cracks filled in a bit.  I can still see the cracks a bit, but they aren't as gaping.  And I had fun with my girls.

I kinda felt sorry for him, but he had an attitude for sure.
We fed the ducks and while we were feeding them, this big ole goose with some sort of malformation on his head, came from around the corner and straight for us.  He was on a mission.  I don't know what for, but we didn't scare him at all.  The girls were not happy about him! We had to walk quickly to get away from him and it took a few minutes for him to forget about us.

All in all, a great run.  Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow.

Monday, February 6, 2012

what's next...

My marathon was just two weeks ago.  And already I wish I was training for another race.  Heck, I'd train for another marathon if I could, time and money permitting.

I guess I really do love running.  I feel crazy for wanting to train and race again.

But alas, I still haven't found my racing sugar daddy to sponsor me for the registration fees and Sunday is the most important day of my work schedule and very few half or full marathons take place on Saturdays.

But I love goals and plans, so I'll just have to make some of my own that aren't necessarily race related.

I turn 35 in June.  That kind of seems like a big birthday to me.  At least I'm using it as a goal marker.

I've been trying to "lose the last few pounds" for um, a few years now.  My baby is 3 years old now and I've yet to get to my pre-baby weight, which was my all-time adult low, pretty smack dab in the middle of "healthy" BMI.  I'm not too far from it, but still haven't gotten there.

The last few pounds are hard.

I am NOT obsessed with a number on the scale.  I want that to be clear.  But I do know how I want my body to feel and how I want my clothes to fit and I'm not quite there.  I remember what it was like around that number and so that's my loose goal.

I want to be faster.  Shedding those last pounds, which will come with toning up, will help with that.  And I need to learn to dig deeper.  I have more speed in me, I just have to tap in to it.  Somehow I found it last week.  I want to keep finding it.

If I want to run faster, do I just start running faster?  Since I'm not following any specific training schedule right now, that's what I'm thinking.  I just start running faster.  I did a HIIT workout on the treadmill yesterday morning that had me running for a minute at 8:00 and even 7:00 minute paces.  Wow.  FAST.  But I was able to hold most of them for the required minute (for 4 intervals).

So, here's what I'm focusing on for February.

1. Cross-training.  I did very little during marathon training.  I want to build my muscle and tone more.  I've been meeting up with my friend Jillian again (Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and 6 Week 6 Pack Abs so far).  I have quick workouts on my Pinterest and also the Nike Training Center for my iPhone.

2.  #lovemyabs I saw a tweet about this last week and figured--why not! Good accountability.  Sometimes this happens through my workouts, but trying to keep up every day has definitely made me get on the floor and lovemyabs every day.

3. Log my food.  I use myfitnesspal and I love it.  Quick, easy and accessible by phone or computer.  Food really is my downfall.  I eat pretty healthily and balanced, but too often I grab an extra snack or munch on sugar-laden food when I'm hungry or I eat something "small" thinking it won't matter.  But it does.  It really does.

4. Run faster.  Short distances, faster.  Then build to longer distances.  Intervals. Hill repeats.

It's February 6 and so far, so good.  I've run twice, done 3 workout videos and abs  & arms.  I've been logging my calories for the most part and I know I'm on my way.

There is a St. Patrick's Day 10K that isn't too pricey so I may look into running that.  I've not raced a 10k before, so it would be fun and an instant PR! My husband is actually considering a half marathon at the end of the year, which is fun and exciting for me too.

I'm glad I love running.  It's so good for me.  In so many ways.

Friday, February 3, 2012

the need for speed

Wednesday was a chaotic day.  I had to keep Lily home from school with a bad cold, but wanted Gracie to still go.  The girls' preschool is right by my work, which is about 15 minutes from home.

I took Gracie to school.  Went to the pet store.  Attempted to do some work at home.  Stopped by work to get something before picking up Gracie.  Drove straight to pick up Miss Rose because it's her half day.  Dropped her off to play with her cousin, made the girls lunch and put Lily down for a nap.  My mom came over because I had a meeting and so I drove to work for the 3rd time.  Picked up Miss Rose on my way home and was anticipating returning one more time for evening church.

Do you feel stressed out reading that?

Yeah.  I was stressed.

I texted the hubs and asked for time to run after he got home, which he graciously agreed to.  I suspect he knew that was best for all of us.

I hit the street with 3-4 miles in mind.  My last run was 3 miles and I was still feeling the effects of the race in my body.  I thought it would be nice to go beyond 3 miles if possible.  From the get-go, I felt speedy.  My legs just needed to move.  Maybe it was all that drive time during the day.

Without much effort my paces were under 10 minutes---my lowest paces typically.  But with training for the marathon recently, I haven't run many miles at that pace.  It just felt so good to move and my body felt great.  The only real discomfort I had was in my arches.  I don't think my shoes have quite enough arch support, at least not for 26 miles worth, and my feet are still getting back to normal.

Since I was running along at such a great clip, I knew I could go over 3 miles easily.  I needed to stop at the grocery store on my way home, so I did my last loop and ended at the store with 3.7 miles.  My average pace for those miles was 9:46.

I'm not sure how that happened.  I felt like I could have gone another mile or two.

I loved this run!

One of my goals this year is to get faster.  I know I have it in me.  I am going to be adding more strength and interval training into my workouts to get stronger and leaner.  I'm going to run hills and more tempo miles and fartleks and whatever else it takes!  When I dig deep, or I need the release I find these faster speeds.  I just want them to become a "normal" run for me.    I would be thrilled for my runs to be in the 9's and maybe even some shorter distances in the 8's.

Is it possible?  Yes.  Probable?  I really don't know.  I'm going to see what I can do though.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

working out with three kids (and a few giveaways to enter)

The hubs is taking a class on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so I told my sister she should come over after work and we can work out then, as opposed to getting up early in the morning.  Bean wouldn't mind if we exercised mid-evening with him around, but it is a bit of an imposition in our small house, so this is a perfect opportunity.

I've been reminded this week how much of a later in the day exerciser I am at heart.  Until the past few years, most of my exercise was late afternoon, early evening.  Before Lily was born I ran at the lake a lot with the girls in the double jogger after naptime and before dinner.

Now with three kids and just an all around crazier life it feels like, if I don't work out in the morning it often doesn't happen.  Even when I get in a good run in the morning, it often still feels like I'm half asleep.  It takes me a good hour in the morning to feel fully awake and firing on all cylinders.

This week my sister and I have tackled Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, an older Jillian Michaels DVD.  I like this DVD a lot because it has a lot of similar moves to Shred but not at such lightening speed.  It takes about 45 minutes but there are several intervals so it goes pretty fast.

Let me give you some perspective.

We have a small house.  The living room is a long narrow space leading into the dining area.  On one end is the hall leading to the bedrooms and the other end is the doorway to the kitchen.  There is an 5x7 foot area rug in front of the couch and the the TV is centered there.

On Tuesday when we started out exercising, my oldest daughter was at the table doing homework.  The little girls (3 and 4.5) were on the couch watching us.  For about two minutes, until they decided to join in.

The oldest decided this was a great time to chat with me, as I'm huffing and puffing, trying to avoid punching or kicking another child she is telling me about her day at school and any other random thing she can think of.  The little girls wanted to be right in line with us--not in front or behind us, and preferably in between us. Which left us with very little room of course.  I told them to move over, watch out countless times.  At one point I did make contact with the littlest, startling her.  I don't remember if it was a hand or a foot, but she was not happy with me.  Hey--don't get in mama's way when she's trying to sweat!

The 3yr old has a nasty cold this week.  Congested and full of phlegm with a thick cough.  Too much activity causes her to go into a coughing spasm and then throw up phlegm and saliva.  It's lovely.  About halfway through the workout she had an attack so I had to stop and clean up the mess.  I spent the rest of the workout telling her to stop exercising, to rest and to go slowly.

The 4.5 yr old was wearing a skirt and really going to town on the moves.  We were doing some swing kicks and the skirt was hindering her range of motion.  I told her to pull it up or take it off.  Next thing you know, both little girls were in panties only thinking it was hilarious.  Before the workout was over Lily had another coughing and vomit fit as well.  Never a dull moment.

My sister was in awe of the whole scenario.  I think she was a bit surprised that I would actually attempt to workout while managing three kids.  I think there were a few more things that happened but I can't even remember.

We were back at it tonight and the first half was much calmer.  One kid was with the neighbor, one was watching Netflix on the computer and the other was watching it on my iPhone.  I think my sister was a little disappointed it was so mellow.  But then the oldest came home and we had to pause while I got her dinner and then listened to her critique our moves and get in trouble for being rude.  The 3yr old got bored and wanted to work out, which culminated with more coughing and vomit and somehow she ended up wearing no panties and just a shirt while exercising.

My sister thinks we need to set up a video camera to capture it all.  She said then people would see they have no excuse NOT to work out, if I can get it done while commandeering this three ring circus.

We're going to keep trying to work out on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Maybe I need to make a weekly feature of all that goes on during these workouts.  In spite of it all, we've gotten a good sweat on and deserve pats on the back for getting it done (I think).

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