Monday, January 9, 2012

T minus 12

I will be running my marathon in less than 2 weeks now.  AHHHHH.  It's here!

I know I'm prepared.  I could be more prepared, but isn't that always the case?  Unless something goes terribly wrong, I feel confident that I will make my main goal.  Anything else will just be icing on the cake.  I think I will be eating cake both before and after to celebrate too!

I ran 8 miles yesterday.  The schedule had 12 for this weekend, but I had hiked 4 miles on Saturday and Sunday afternoons are pretty much my toughest running time.  After the entire weekend and after being at church for 5-6 hours--it's everything I can do to get myself out there.  But I managed to find 8 miles in my immediate neighborhood--doing a lot of up and down parallel streets and a few laps at the park at the end.  My pace was slower than I preferred, but taking everything into consideration, I suppose it wasn't too bad.

This weekend is a tough one for getting my run in as well, even though I only need 7-8 miles.  I am teaching a class all day Friday and Saturday.  I may run on Thursday, but that would be with the girls or maybe I'll get up at 5am and do it on the treadmill.

I'd like to do a Yasso 800 trial also.  I haven't done one before, but I'm curious to try and see how my times hold up for the marathon.

I'm running a freaking marathon.