Sunday, January 29, 2012

More race photos

I'm going to milk this race for as many posts as I can!  It's fun to share and re-live it as well.

I finally downloaded the pictures from our camera.

I knew that Bean was making signs on bright paper, but honestly I was so delirious as I was finishing the race that I hardly noticed them.  I saw my family and heard them cheering me on and that's what I needed I guess.  Still it means the world to me that they had these!

The one thing I did notice as I ran by my family was that Lily was not happy.  Bean was holding her and she was in tears because of all the screaming everyone else was doing!  It didn't last long of course, but Bean was so busy cheering for me and hanging on to her that he couldn't get the camera out.  But he did get this one shot of me finishing, on his phone.  There are some more finish photos on Brightroom but I haven't purchased them yet.

The girls treat while waiting at the finish was donuts.  When we were at the Expo on Friday my 4.5 year old told me she remembered coming to my last race (Nov. 2010) and that Daddy got them donuts. I assured her that he'd probably do the same this race too.  She has this uncanny ability to eat the frosting off the donut leaving most of the rest of it intact.  

Gracie girl.  She'll be 5 in April.

Sprinkled donuts used to be their favorite.  But our donut shop has the BEST maple icing and they are learning to appreciate it as well.

Lily-bug.  She loves this bright green jacket.

Miss Rose.  She always gets the biggest donut possible.

I just like this picture of my girl and my sister.  She's wearing a Barcelona scarf she just got for her birthday.

The only picture of all of us, but it'll work!  My awesome family.

At first I thought this picture was out of focus, but then Bean pointed out he took a picture of Lily's reflection in my medal.  Pretty sweet!

The sexy husband.  I am close to getting him to run his first half (he's done 10k mud runs).

My fantastic sisters who made the trek in the minivan with the family to cheer me on.  They are some of my biggest supporters.  One of them texted me "I'm almost more excited for you today than I was on your wedding day."  One thing I love about us is that we don't look that much alike, we each have different hair--just like my girls.  But those who know us, know we are extremely similar and close.  I pray my girls have the same relationship that I have with my sisters.  I think maybe I've inspired them to run another race.  They've raced before, but not in a while.  

Lily is my little shadow.  She insisted on putting my visor on, even though it was soaked in sweat.  She loves to wear it around the house and say she's going running.  The night before the race when I was putting her to bed, I was praying and she interrupted me to say "pray for mama race."  Then she told me "the map, find you, find water" which was a conversation we had at the Expo about the map and where the ocean was in relation to the course.

Remember I told you how instantly tired I was?  I am throwing all pride to the wind with this last picture.  Bean JUST showed it to me for the first time.

Me, on the ride home.  Usually I curl up a bit when I sleep while traveling, but I was so tired I didn't even need to do that to doze off.

Still wearing my finisher's medal though!

And that my friends, is another look at my race in pictures!