Friday, December 9, 2011

silly injury

I had a whole post almost completely typed yesterday in an app I use on my phone. Then the app crashed and I can't get it open now. And my draft is lost inside it.

Long story short...I did Insanity Cardio Abs yesterday. Then I cleaned part of my floor on all four's. Then I was cleaning chairs on my knees and when I went to get up, I had crazy intense pain in my lower middle back and could barely get off the ground.

My best guess is the abwork and cleaning weakened my back and my muscles got really strained. Basically it sucks.

The hubs stayed home today to help out so I could actually take it easy. I can tell I'm slowly improving with rest, ice, heat and medication scored from family members.

It's still pretty tight and weak.

Looks like my 8-10 mile run tomorrow will be postponed. So bummed. But I've learned my lessons.

I MUST make abwork a more regular part of my routine because I do have a weak back, mostly caused by my pregnancies.

Don't do abwork on the same day I'll be bending, twisting etc. At least until my core is stronger again.

I am thankful this wasn't a running injury.

I do not enjoy having to sit around all day. I like being lazy, just on my own terms--haha! But I'm disciplining myself to rest. I know my back will recover faster that way.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to resume some life activities. And you know, training for the full marathon less than 2 months way which is beginning to breathe down my back!