Wednesday, November 2, 2011

next up: 16

I haven't blogged in over a week!  I have still been training though.  My toddler was super sick over the weekend and then Halloween and then back to work and life.  Not much blogging time.

Last Saturday I ran my scheduled 6 miles, and they were awful!  You'd think after running 14 miles the week before 6 would have been a breeze, which is what I was expecting.  But it wasn't.

I didn't start my run until close to 10am (as opposed to the 7am starts I do for longer runs) and I was running near my house which is more inland (instead of along the coast).  So it was warmer.  I ended up being SO thirsty from about the 2nd mile on, but there were no drinking fountains and I hadn't brought water since it was a shorter run. 

I ran about 4 miles with a friend (and then she slowed down) and we went out a little too fast too since we were chatting.  I'm not used to running with people (although I definitely love it) so I probably used up too much energy talking.

But I got it done and was on target for my pace, even though I felt terrible.

Next up is 16 miles.  In fact, tomorrow.  We are out of town all day Saturday and I work on Sundays, so I had to get this run in on another day.  I did a little kid-swap with my sister-in-law.  She's going to watch my kids tomorrow while I run and then I'll watch her kids on Friday.  Sweet!

I mapped out a run from her door (just a half mile from my house) so I don't have to waste time driving and can get to the run so I can be done faster and spend time with my kiddos.  It's a bit of a funky route, but it gets it done.  I usually avoid longish runs from my house because there are a few big hills to contend with.  But I decided this week, I'll just have to get 'er done.  It's good for training anyways, right?

I ran 4 miles on Monday and I did the Cardio Recovery Insanity workout today, which is a lot of stretching and some yoga type moves.  I knew I shouldn't run or do anything with a lot of impact today, but I wanted to keep my body limber.

The next few long runs pose a bit of a challenge.  For some reason I erroneously copied down that next weeks run was 8 miles, when in fact it's supposed to be 18.  I am teaching a class all day Friday and Saturday, and so there is no way an 18-miler can happen.  I'm wondering if two or three shorter long runs on back to back days will achieve some of the same effect. I may be able to run 9 miles both Friday and Saturday.

I'm not going to let myself stress about it too much.  I know I will be able to complete 26.2 miles and I still have plenty of training time.  I don't like deviating from the schedule but it is what it is.  The week after is when my daughter will be recovering from her tonsillectomy and so that run kinda hangs in the balance.  But I'll figure something out!

I'm a little apprehensive about tomorrow's run.  But excited too.  I can do this!