Monday, November 14, 2011

When a treadmill is a good thing

Many people call the treadmill the "dreadmill" because they greatly dislike running on it.

I don't love or hate the treadmill. Overall road running is best. But there are times the treadmill is necessary or your only option. Those are the times I'm thankful that I have an old creaky treadmill in my garage.

Although I feel like I owe my neighbors an apology because I realized that my treadmill is creaky enough to be heard across the street. It's so old though I'm afraid to lube anything because if I broke it somehow I would cry. Literal tears.

I woke up this morning in a fog. Mondays are like that. Especially when you were away from the house for 10 hours on Sunday. I knew I would regret not running. My last run was Friday and I won't be running Wednesday maybe Thursday too, due to my daughter's surgery.

I dragged myself out of bed and even thought the sun was rising, a mindless run on the 'mill was the best I could motivate myself too. I pulled on a new long sleeve running shirt (with thumb holes, rad) I picked up at Costco.

I made it to the treadmill and disciplined myself to a slow run. That's my weakness on the treadmill, I go too fast. I can make myself run pretty fast on the treadmill but that's not always good for training.

My shirt kept choking me. I'd pull it down and it would creep back up. My husband loves a tight neck on a tshirt. He won't even wear a shirt if the neck is too loose. I'm the opposite though. A turtleneck would be torture for me.

A mile or two in, I had decided to take the shirt back. It just wasn't worth the choking sensation. I was bummed because I like the fit and the thumb holes and it was so soft.

Then it dawned on me. Could it be on backwards? It was my first time wearing it. I pulled it off my neck, glanced down and sure enough--there was the tag imprint.

I breathed a big sigh of relief. I can keep the shirt!

Then I realized it was probably a good thing that I opted for the mindless treadmill run. If it took me almost 3 miles to discover that my shirt was backwards, who knows what would have happened if I was trying to run the streets.

Sometimes, a mindless treadmill run is a good thing.

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