Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm coming back

Last week was not a running week.  But that's okay.

My daughter had surgery, so she was my focus--as it should have been.  There are times that I need to put running & myself first.  But there are times that my family comes before any run.  And this was one of those times.

It kinda killed me that I missed the first 20-miler on my schedule.  But many have told me that I only need one 20-miler and there is plenty of time for that yet.

But this week I'm back! I'm excited to wake up early and run.  This is going to be a spectacular running week.  My kids are all off school, which means I can get back to the house at 6:45am when Bean leaves for work and still have more than an hour before I need to leave for work.

I'm planning 18 miles for Friday.  A perfect way to run off my Thanksgiving meals!  I really want to do 20, but my longest run so far is 16 miles and that was a few weeks ago.  So to avoid injury and continue to build up appropriately, I'll do the next distance on my schedule.  20 will still be there a week or two from now.

Lily is having a hard time sleeping right now.  Here's hoping I'll get enough sleep to run!