Sunday, October 16, 2011

a quick review

So, I ran 12 miles yesterday.

But it wasn't easy.  Nor pretty I'm sure.

However, my overall pace was about 15 seconds under my goal.

New shoes are lined up for early November, and I think that will make a huge difference.  I've run over 300 miles in these shoes, which is perhaps on the lesser end of the life of a shoe, but I can tell they are causing issues for me.  Sore feet and calves, which aren't usually issues for me.

I'm still in the process of building.  This isn't called training for no reason.  If it was always fun and easy, I wouldn't be challenging myself.

Even though it a very fun run, I still felt great about it.  I did it and I stayed at the right pace.

Next week...14 miles!  I think I'll plan an ice bath for when I get home from that one.

This week in review:

Monday: 3 miles, 11:09 pace

Tuesday: 3 miles, pace unknown

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 3.83 miles, 10:24 pace, 2x1600 at 9:00ish with jogs

Saturday: 12 miles, 10:57 pace

Total miles: 21.83

Week 3 of marathon training coming up.

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  1. Nice job getting your milage in! I think I am up for some new shoes pretty soon too. Love getting new scoots!