Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm another mother runner!

If you're coming over from Another Mother Runner--hi!  If you look up, you'll see a few tabs where you can read more about my running history, who I am and some of the blogs I really enjoy reading.

I don't even remember how I first heard about the Run Like A Mother book.  Probably somewhere online.  But as soon as I read the description, I knew I needed it.  I think I got it for Christmas last year and I devoured it.  I recall reading just the introduction and thinking "this is me, every sentence here describes and how I feel about running."

Finding the Another Mother Runner blog and community on Facebook has really helped motivate me and keep me on track, since I mostly run alone.  Knowing I can report my runs on Twitter with the #momsrunning or #rlam is a great motivator and I love to encourage and congratulate other moms who share their triumphs.  If it weren't for Twitter, I'd still be struggling with blisters on my arches--but now I bathe my feet in Body Glide and I haven't had a blister since.

I couldn't believe when SBS tweeted that she wanted to feature me on Follow This Mother.  Because I'm not the fastest (a 10-min mile is my standard) and I don't always log a lot of miles.  But I am every mom, who happens to enjoy running.  Juggling three young kids, a job, a household and a love and even need of running.  Sick kids thwart my running plans.  My husband is baffled by the fact that I will get up before 6am to run, but on a day off I can barely drag myself out of bed by 6:45am (when he leaves for work).

Thanks SBS and Dimity for helping to create this community that I'm proud and glad and honored to be a part of!  I am humbled that you chose to profile me.

As I continue to train for my first marathon, I know this community is going to be there right along with me, answering my questions and cheering me on.

Want to keep up with me and my training?

I tweet and I also blog here about family life.  It's going to be crazy.  But crazy fun.


  1. Very excited to see another mother runner like me. I so enjoy running and always put up a 10+ mile. Wish I lived closer and I would run with you. Have to do those early morning runs as well!

  2. Great profile write up! Congrats :) The community of mother runners is definitely inspiring and so very helpful.

  3. Thanks for being an inspirational mother runner! :)

  4. Wow I can relate to you in so many ways. I have five children and do the early morning runs. I'm currently looking to do a marathon (my first) in early next year. I would so run with you if I lived close by! Unfortunately here in the midwest it's not going to be easy training in freezing/snowy winter. And gotta love those "devotional" runs.

  5. SO cool!!! I love Another Mother Runner, too!!! I think it is awesome that you are taking on the marathon!! Good luck on the early morning runs, they get easier!!