Tuesday, October 25, 2011

how to alter my schedule

I recovered pretty well from the 14-mile run.  My quads had the most soreness, but it really wasn't bad at all. I learned today that my ice bath didn't have enough ice or water in it, so maybe that would have helped with my quads.  I knew I probably needed the water to cover my legs completely, but it was SO COLD!

And how awesome that they quote me at the end!

Monday morning in spite of my 7 year old being up at 5:30am with a stomach ache, I still hopped on the treadmill for a "shake it out" 3 miles.  It's still so amazing to me that often the best thing for soreness after a long or hard run, is another run.  The first mile or so was a bit painful, but after I was loosened up it felt great and I really cranked it up the last several minutes.

The 5:30am stomach ache turned into 7:30am vomit and a day working from home.  In spite of the change of plans and challenges that presented, I was calm, cool and collected.  Much thanks due to my run that morning.  Had I not run or waited until the evening, I would have been twitchy all day.  It really does pay to start the day off with a run.

It looks like my daughter is going to have a tonsillectomy in a few weeks, a few days before my first 20-miler.  It's hard to predict if I'll be able to do that 20-miler at all that weekend.  I'm not sure how to alter my schedule.  Here's what my long runs look like around the three 20-milers on my schedule.

Week 5: 16 miles (maybe I could make this one 20 miles instead?)
Week 6: 8 miles (not sure if I could lengthen this due to schedule that weekend)
Week 7: 20 miles (this is the one I don't know if I can do)
Week 8: 7 miles
Week 9:16 miles
Week 10: 20 miles
Week 11: 16 miles
Week 12: 7 miles
Week 13: 20 miles

I'd love any thoughts or experiences anyone has had with having to switch runs around.  I feel like it's important to get all three 20-milers in since this is my first marathon.

Who knows, maybe she will be a champ and be doing well enough a few days after the procedure to leave for the morning.  But I want to have a back up plan just in case.

I did a little bit of cross-training today.  Really looking forward to running some speedier miles in the morning.

Happy running friends!