Saturday, October 8, 2011

how many miles does standing for 4 hours count for?

We went to a concert on Friday night.  Something I rarely do, but well worth it for this show.  We were on our feet for 4 hours, which was after running around pretty much all day doing errands and mom stuff. The only seats at this show cost more and in my opinion took away from the ambiance because they were a level above the stage.

However, maybe it would have been a good idea since I had 10 miles to run the next day.

Due to the concert, I went to sleep at least 30 minutes later than normal, if not more.  Yet, wake up came at the same time.

I knew this wasn't going to be an easy run.  Sometimes the mental aspect is most daunting for me, but today I knew the challenge would be physical.  It didn't help that I got out onto the road later than planned (mostly my fault) and I was under the gun to get back in time to go to my daughter's soccer game.

Doing a long run from my door involves a 1+ mile hill climb after a 1 mile warm up.  It can be a little brutal.  But when time is a factor, this is best way to go and I typically aim to gain back the time I lose running up, but running back faster.

My legs were aching and screaming at me from the get-go.  I really had to rely upon my mental strength today because my legs were never feeling it--or rather they were feeling it too much.  I fall more in love with my Garmin every run though.  Seeing my mile pace helps so much.  When it's a little slow, I tell myself to pick it up.  If I'm going too fast, I make myself slow down.

I didn't pay much attention to my overall splits during the run, I was simply focusing on the overall time and getting home by my deadline.  I wasn't sure how well I was going to perform the last half of the run, so I decided to cut it short just a bit to ensure I was home on time.  The middle fewmiles were at the lake, and I didn't do an out-and-back, so I wasn't exactly sure how much I had cut off.

It hurt, oh it hurt so much.  My calves and shins were feeling it the most.  But I just kept running and pushing myself.  I didn't have a choice, I had to get home!

My timing was right on, and I got home in time to even shower before the game.  I ended up stopping my Garmin at 9.52 which I ran in 1hr 41 minutes for an overall pace of 10:35.

My overall pace was way faster than I thought it would be.  I did pick it up as much as I could on my way home going down the hills, but by then my legs were aching so badly that I didn't pick up the pace as much as I normally do.  But somehow I ran the miles faster than I thought.

I decided that my family had to come before hitting a certain mileage (it was my bad for leaving too late) and that standing on my feet for 4 hours the night before HAD to count for some sort of mileage.  .48 miles to be exact, I suppose.

Next week there are 12 miles on the schedule and I plan to give myself plenty of time to drive to a flatter location and take a little more time to run the miles.

But, if I can run 10 miles at a 10:35 pace on sore, achy legs, I'm one step closer to running 26.2 at a decent pace.  I hope.

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