Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a day without a run

I didn't run this morning.

I ran yesterday evening (Monday).  I set my alarm to get up and run this morning, but I wasn't feeling it and knew it wasn't a "must-run" day.  So I slept a little longer and had a not so rushed morning getting out of the house with the kids.

But I was in a funk all day.  Just feeling discouraged about a variety of things, dwelling on things I'm frustrated with, feeling negative.

The weight of life is heavy.  I am always stretched thin.  I rarely accomplish all that I'd like to.  The home-making items end up on the bottom of the list and don't usually get done.  This is often what nags me the most.  I have such visions of the home I could create, the meals I would serve, the quality time with my children, if I had the time and energy.

Yet I wonder, how much of my negative feelings today were related to not running?  Was my body missing those endorphins?

I talk often about how running is my sanity, and it really is.  But do I need my runs that much?  Are they that vital to balanced emotions?

This thought scares me a bit.

Because running every day isn't realistic and wouldn't be good for my body.

I know that running isn't the only key to sanity and feeling in control of my life.  I guess I need to make a point to utilize other mechanisms on the days I don't run.

You better believe I'll be running Wednesday morning.  After a day like today (which really wasn't bad in reality, just in my head), I am amped to put in some speedy miles.

I wish it was already the morning.

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