Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm writing this on my phone with a chattering baby on my lap who's fever is rising. The last hour before I can give medicine next is the worst. This is the reason I didn't get my run along the bay today. But that's ok. I have many years to run and only a few years that my kids need me so much. The day will come when I'll drop all 3 off at school and be able to go run for an hour or even two if I feel like it. Maybe the bay will happen tomorrow.

2. I decided to do Insanity this afternoon. I think I want to do one of the intense workouts once a week for cross training while I'm training for the marathon. There is also a recovery session that's pretty good and a short cardio abs workout that I think could be beneficial. I'm a miles junkie. I'd rather run than anything but I know other types of training are good for me, especially since I have a weak core and lower back

3. Um, my training schedule starts on Monday!!! This is really happening. I am training to run 26.2 miles. I'm nervous about getting all the training in. My #1 goal this weekend is to get my treadmill set up again in the garage because with all the unexpected that life hands me, that's the only way I can guarantee runs.


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  1. Hope the little one is feeling better. Good luck with the marathon training!

  2. I love your perspective on life, running and being a mom. So refreshing. Good luck with training! Yay for the 26.2!

  3. That is awesome!! I also love your perspective, that is something I need to hear. Hope your little one is feeling better!