Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I have no idea where it started, but a lot of the running blogs I read do a "Three Things Thursday" so today, I thought I'd join in.

1.  I'm in love with Nike Tempo Shorts.

I have spent most of my running years in spandex because of the lovely thigh chub rub.  A few years ago I picked up a few pairs of similar shorts at Old Navy for real cheap and have worn them off and on.  Sometimes I had the chub rub, sometimes I didn't.

In June I had a giftcard to Macy's I was looking to spend and went to check out their workout wear.  I got SUPER lucky and found 3 pairs of Nike Tempo Shorts for less than $10 each on the clearance rack!  And two shirts too.  I got it all for just under $50.  Talk about SCORE.  Especially since these shorts retail over $30.

Let's be real, my thighs still touch.  But somehow, these shorts work.  And they make me feel like a real runner.  I ran my July 4 15k in them and loved it.

In fact I love these shorts so much, I often wear them on my days off as all-day wear (of course a non-sweaty pair).  I have three pairs, and my goal is to have about 7.  That would give me enough for my weekly workouts, as well as a few pairs to wear on my days off and not need to do wash.  We have a Nike Running Store at a local mall and sometimes their sale rack has Nike Tempo Shorts for around $20 and so does a Nike Outlet store that's not too far away either.

2.  I know my real goal for training for my first full marathon should be miles and miles and lots of miles, not focusing as much on speed training.  But I can't help it.  A little bit of speedwork seems to help me quite a bit, mostly in my mind.  Knowing I can run faster miles help me even on the long runs where I'm not running fast miles.  I did just two speedy miles today and it was good.

3.  I'm wondering about cross training.  I feel like it would be beneficial to do some, but I'm not sure what and when.  I want it to be useful to my training, but not make me too sore.  Any suggestions!

Happy Thursday!!


  1. When I was training for my first full, I enjoyed cross training on the bike sprinkled with a bit of yoga. The yoga really helped to stretch my sore muscles once the mileage started creeping up into the stratosphere. Good luck with your training!

  2. I have a really hard time finding any extra time to do serious cross training since I have to carve out so much time to begin with for the running. But yoga at home with the little one is always fun!

  3. I use my elliptical for cross training, I love that it is low impact and i can read while I do it! I also use which can make you sore, but I think really helped my running a bunch this year.