Thursday, September 22, 2011

a sanity run

Today was another insane day.  They all seem that way lately.

In MY plan for the day, I would go for a run in the late morning with the little girls in the jogger.

Someday I'll learn my plans rarely come to pass.

I slept in, counting on that mid-morning run.  I've only run once this week for a variety of reasons.  I need the miles, I need the endorphins.

Then everything changed, as it always does and that run didn't happen.  I buckled down, intent on not letting it get to me, not letting it ruin my day as sometimes it might.  Running is always second to my family and today my big girl needed me.

Then, the heavens opened and God smiled on me.  I had a brief window before my husband had to leave for his night class and he gave me his blessing to run.

I already had my Nike Tempo shorts on.  Always ready!  I hit the streets, determined to run after my sanity and find it before I tackled soccer practice, dinner, baths and bed on my own.

I ran hard after that sanity, finding pieces along the way.  I set out for a 3 mile minimum and based on the time, maybe more.  I was pushing, finding that speed and 3.5 miles seemed doable.  I checked my Garmin at the end of the block I was going to stop at and I was at 3.65 with a few more minutes before my deadline.

Does that happen to anyone else?  Compelled to run just a little more and just a little more?  I hit 3.75 a few houses before I arrived home.  Walked around for 2 minutes to cool down a bit.  3.75 miles in 36 minutes.  Yeah baby!

Sanity found.  The last few hours of the day were tiring and chaotic.  But I was sane.  I was calm.

Thank you God and thank you husband for my sanity.

Just one more reason why I love running.

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  1. I love running for all the same reasons... I am glad you got a run in. It is amazing how just a few miles can help us refocus our minds and energy.