Monday, September 12, 2011

running with a jogging stroller

For about two years, almost every single run I did was with a double jogger.

The few years prior to that, many runs were with a single jogger (that was a beast to push).  We didn't live in areas very conducive for running, so all my runs were at a local lake (man-made of course, I'm in So Cal!) and that meant the little ones came with me.

[this photo was taken at the Bay not the lake]

Since moving to our current home 2.5 years ago, I've had to run a lot less with the double jogger.  The area is conducive to running, so I can get up early and run or head out for thirty minutes after work.  It's not my favorite route, but I can even get long runs in from my doorstep.

My youngest though, still is quite attached to being with Mama and loves to be in the jogger. When I can, I give her the option to come with me on a run, since many of my runs are before she's even awake.

Tonight I ran after work, and of course my little love wanted to come with me.  I was headed out for three miles.  I didn't need to worry about time, but I like to give myself goals and I wanted to run around 10 minute miles with the jogger.  Pushing the double jogger with her in it (she's about 32 pounds) isn't so bad, but still requires more exertion on my part.

On a sidenote, it really bothers people when I run with only one child in my double jogger.  I don't understand this.  Does it not cross their minds that perhaps the other child is at home?  Or just didn't happen to need to come with me?  Especially if I'm at the lake, people always say "you're missing on" or "what happened to the other child?"  I find it odd.

Anyhow, it turned out to be a bit muggy tonight and I have a slight cold.  Some parts of my run, I was running into a stiff breeze.  And there are several short hills, always a good challenge with or without the jogger.

I was dripping by the end of my three miles.  I really had to push myself to keep a decent pace, and I stopped to walk for 20 seconds a few times.

When running while pushing a jogger, there is the option of taking it easy since you're doing extra work as it is (especially on hills).  Or you can see your jogger as a trainer.  Something to make you dig deep to really get the results you want.  Because if I can run a few miles with my jogger at a decent pace, then I know I'm capable of running faster without it.

Tonight I ran 3 miles in just under 31 minutes.  I'm no Dorothy with her 6 minute triple jogger miles (check out her personal bests on the left sidebar), but she is an inspiration. Rachel logs most of her runs with a double jogger!

Oh, and once your child is used to riding in a jogging stroller while you run, if you decide to stop and walk briefly, they may just say "run mama"  or "why are you walking." I heard that a few times this evening.  They like the speed too!

And as you can tell from the photos, while I consider running with the jogger training, I'm also training them.  Because they love to wear my running visors and my running shoes.  When my oldest turned 4, she requested "running clothes" for her birthday.

What's your "handicap?"  What's your cop out when it comes to pushing, digging deep?  Flip your thinking and look at it as a training device.  Run through.  Push it just a little longer, a little faster when you feel like being done.


  1. Love this! Thanks for the reminder to use the jogger as both a tool to help me strengthen and to show the kiddo how much fun it can be!

  2. We got rid of the double last month and I haven't replaced it with a single yet. It's been nice to not have any stroller with me. But the girls definitely miss it. I'm also no stranger to the phrase "why are you walking?" from the girls :)