Monday, September 19, 2011

8 mile

I was just almost done with this post...and I lost it.  So here's the nuts and bolts.

This past Saturday I ran 8 miles.  I have only run that far once this year, during the 15k.  I've been consistent running 6-7 miles the past few Saturdays, so I knew I was ready for this.

Here's the splits:


Overall time: 1 hour and 25 minutes
Pace: 10:34

I stopped at the car a little after 5.5 miles for a quick drink of water and to eat a few blue gummy sharks, which was the best source of quick energy we had in the house.

Around mile 4 or 5 I remembered how Shaun T tells me to move my arms faster when trying to get up speed in his crazy drills.  I focused on swinging my arms more and found that my pace did pick up with minimal effort.  Of course I went all out for the last mile and dropped my pace significantly.

This run left me with questions about long run pacing.  According to my 2:09 half marathon time and the McMillan Running Calculator, my long runs should be 10:54 to 11:54.  Some of my miles are around the 10:54 mark, but some are for sure faster.

How important is it for me to keep my long run pace slower?  I had this same problem when training for the half marathon.  My splits were almost always faster than the target.  If I kept my long runs slower, would I have performed better for the half?  I was thrilled with my time, but I WAS shooting for a 2hr half, but anything under 2:15 would have made me happy.

I hit 20 miles this week for my running.  I hope to get a few more than that this week.  My biggest obstacle is my love of my bed.  Most of my runs are early due to family and work schedules and I struggle to sacrifice those minutes of sleep.  I also struggle to be disciplined to get to bed on time too.

I just saw this today and had to share!  Happy running.  Happy therapy!


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  1. I've never really embraced the super slow long run....and I know I probably should! :) I always set out on my long run with my first mile or two very slow, almost painfully slow, and then just let my body do what feels comfortable. If it's a slow day, then it's a slow day. But I feel great then I just go for it. I think you're doing awesome. A 10:34 pace long run sounds wonderful if your half marathon time is in the 9:30-10:00 pace range. If you're doing some tempo runs or speed work mid-week then that can really round out the training.