Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm writing this on my phone with a chattering baby on my lap who's fever is rising. The last hour before I can give medicine next is the worst. This is the reason I didn't get my run along the bay today. But that's ok. I have many years to run and only a few years that my kids need me so much. The day will come when I'll drop all 3 off at school and be able to go run for an hour or even two if I feel like it. Maybe the bay will happen tomorrow.

2. I decided to do Insanity this afternoon. I think I want to do one of the intense workouts once a week for cross training while I'm training for the marathon. There is also a recovery session that's pretty good and a short cardio abs workout that I think could be beneficial. I'm a miles junkie. I'd rather run than anything but I know other types of training are good for me, especially since I have a weak core and lower back

3. Um, my training schedule starts on Monday!!! This is really happening. I am training to run 26.2 miles. I'm nervous about getting all the training in. My #1 goal this weekend is to get my treadmill set up again in the garage because with all the unexpected that life hands me, that's the only way I can guarantee runs.


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

before I lose my mind

I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I feel like I'm going to go postal if I go too long without a run.  I wish I wasn't so controlled by my running.  I wish I didn't need the endorphins like I do.

But I do.

I guess its better than being controlled by alcohol, drugs, food or other addictive vices.

Being a working mom with young kids is just plain hard.  I know that being a stay at home mom can be hard, but that's not the world I live in, and I never have.

Even though my youngest is closer to 3 than she is to 2, I still feel like I'm trying to figure it out.  Three kids threw us for a loop.  I've said it before and I still think it, sometimes I'm walking a slippery slope and if it weren't for running, I may have needed professional medical intervention.

If I keep up with my running though, I don't lose my mind.

Finding my running groove early in the week is challenging.  I also need to get my treadmill set up again.

I do my long runs on Saturdays.  From 7:30-12:30 on Sundays I'm in go-go-go mode at church, teaching, running around, doing a variety of things (I'm a pastor).  Sundays are pretty exhausting and I'm often in heels and on my feet a lot.  Probably not ideal for the day after a long run.  Especially once the mileage ramps up (as in next Saturday, when I will run 10 miles).

Mondays I probably need to do a real easy run.  But it's dark until at least 6:15am and I've tried a few times and I just can't get comfortable running in the dark.  On workdays, I need to be home at 6:30am-6:45am, which doesn't leave a lot of time for running if I wait for it to start to get light.

Today I was desperate.  I hadn't run since Saturday.  I've been feeling a bit down this week and not running wasn't helping.  I decided to adjust my morning so I could run.  It meant coming back home after dropping Miss Rose off, before I dropped the little girls off and went to work.

But I may have self-combusted today if I didn't run.  It was well worth it.  I ran 3 miles in just under 29 minutes, a pretty good time for me.

We folded up the treadmill for the summer, but it's time to get it back in place in the garage.  That way I can start my runs on the treadmill in the dark and maybe finish the last mile or two on the streets when the sun rise.  I'll be happy when the time changes in a month because for a short time it will be light early enough to get a decent run in.

I spent Monday and Tuesday watching people run along the Bay while I was in planning meetings.  It was torturous!  So tomorrow I'm going to head to the Bay with the girls in the jogger and get a good run in and then play in the sand with them.

That's enough babbling for tonight!

I had an incredible run on Saturday that I'll write about in the next few days.

I love running.  I don't always love how much I love and need running, but it takes care of me.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

a sanity run

Today was another insane day.  They all seem that way lately.

In MY plan for the day, I would go for a run in the late morning with the little girls in the jogger.

Someday I'll learn my plans rarely come to pass.

I slept in, counting on that mid-morning run.  I've only run once this week for a variety of reasons.  I need the miles, I need the endorphins.

Then everything changed, as it always does and that run didn't happen.  I buckled down, intent on not letting it get to me, not letting it ruin my day as sometimes it might.  Running is always second to my family and today my big girl needed me.

Then, the heavens opened and God smiled on me.  I had a brief window before my husband had to leave for his night class and he gave me his blessing to run.

I already had my Nike Tempo shorts on.  Always ready!  I hit the streets, determined to run after my sanity and find it before I tackled soccer practice, dinner, baths and bed on my own.

I ran hard after that sanity, finding pieces along the way.  I set out for a 3 mile minimum and based on the time, maybe more.  I was pushing, finding that speed and 3.5 miles seemed doable.  I checked my Garmin at the end of the block I was going to stop at and I was at 3.65 with a few more minutes before my deadline.

Does that happen to anyone else?  Compelled to run just a little more and just a little more?  I hit 3.75 a few houses before I arrived home.  Walked around for 2 minutes to cool down a bit.  3.75 miles in 36 minutes.  Yeah baby!

Sanity found.  The last few hours of the day were tiring and chaotic.  But I was sane.  I was calm.

Thank you God and thank you husband for my sanity.

Just one more reason why I love running.

Monday, September 19, 2011

8 mile

I was just almost done with this post...and I lost it.  So here's the nuts and bolts.

This past Saturday I ran 8 miles.  I have only run that far once this year, during the 15k.  I've been consistent running 6-7 miles the past few Saturdays, so I knew I was ready for this.

Here's the splits:


Overall time: 1 hour and 25 minutes
Pace: 10:34

I stopped at the car a little after 5.5 miles for a quick drink of water and to eat a few blue gummy sharks, which was the best source of quick energy we had in the house.

Around mile 4 or 5 I remembered how Shaun T tells me to move my arms faster when trying to get up speed in his crazy drills.  I focused on swinging my arms more and found that my pace did pick up with minimal effort.  Of course I went all out for the last mile and dropped my pace significantly.

This run left me with questions about long run pacing.  According to my 2:09 half marathon time and the McMillan Running Calculator, my long runs should be 10:54 to 11:54.  Some of my miles are around the 10:54 mark, but some are for sure faster.

How important is it for me to keep my long run pace slower?  I had this same problem when training for the half marathon.  My splits were almost always faster than the target.  If I kept my long runs slower, would I have performed better for the half?  I was thrilled with my time, but I WAS shooting for a 2hr half, but anything under 2:15 would have made me happy.

I hit 20 miles this week for my running.  I hope to get a few more than that this week.  My biggest obstacle is my love of my bed.  Most of my runs are early due to family and work schedules and I struggle to sacrifice those minutes of sleep.  I also struggle to be disciplined to get to bed on time too.

I just saw this today and had to share!  Happy running.  Happy therapy!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I have no idea where it started, but a lot of the running blogs I read do a "Three Things Thursday" so today, I thought I'd join in.

1.  I'm in love with Nike Tempo Shorts.

I have spent most of my running years in spandex because of the lovely thigh chub rub.  A few years ago I picked up a few pairs of similar shorts at Old Navy for real cheap and have worn them off and on.  Sometimes I had the chub rub, sometimes I didn't.

In June I had a giftcard to Macy's I was looking to spend and went to check out their workout wear.  I got SUPER lucky and found 3 pairs of Nike Tempo Shorts for less than $10 each on the clearance rack!  And two shirts too.  I got it all for just under $50.  Talk about SCORE.  Especially since these shorts retail over $30.

Let's be real, my thighs still touch.  But somehow, these shorts work.  And they make me feel like a real runner.  I ran my July 4 15k in them and loved it.

In fact I love these shorts so much, I often wear them on my days off as all-day wear (of course a non-sweaty pair).  I have three pairs, and my goal is to have about 7.  That would give me enough for my weekly workouts, as well as a few pairs to wear on my days off and not need to do wash.  We have a Nike Running Store at a local mall and sometimes their sale rack has Nike Tempo Shorts for around $20 and so does a Nike Outlet store that's not too far away either.

2.  I know my real goal for training for my first full marathon should be miles and miles and lots of miles, not focusing as much on speed training.  But I can't help it.  A little bit of speedwork seems to help me quite a bit, mostly in my mind.  Knowing I can run faster miles help me even on the long runs where I'm not running fast miles.  I did just two speedy miles today and it was good.

3.  I'm wondering about cross training.  I feel like it would be beneficial to do some, but I'm not sure what and when.  I want it to be useful to my training, but not make me too sore.  Any suggestions!

Happy Thursday!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

running with a jogging stroller

For about two years, almost every single run I did was with a double jogger.

The few years prior to that, many runs were with a single jogger (that was a beast to push).  We didn't live in areas very conducive for running, so all my runs were at a local lake (man-made of course, I'm in So Cal!) and that meant the little ones came with me.

[this photo was taken at the Bay not the lake]

Since moving to our current home 2.5 years ago, I've had to run a lot less with the double jogger.  The area is conducive to running, so I can get up early and run or head out for thirty minutes after work.  It's not my favorite route, but I can even get long runs in from my doorstep.

My youngest though, still is quite attached to being with Mama and loves to be in the jogger. When I can, I give her the option to come with me on a run, since many of my runs are before she's even awake.

Tonight I ran after work, and of course my little love wanted to come with me.  I was headed out for three miles.  I didn't need to worry about time, but I like to give myself goals and I wanted to run around 10 minute miles with the jogger.  Pushing the double jogger with her in it (she's about 32 pounds) isn't so bad, but still requires more exertion on my part.

On a sidenote, it really bothers people when I run with only one child in my double jogger.  I don't understand this.  Does it not cross their minds that perhaps the other child is at home?  Or just didn't happen to need to come with me?  Especially if I'm at the lake, people always say "you're missing on" or "what happened to the other child?"  I find it odd.

Anyhow, it turned out to be a bit muggy tonight and I have a slight cold.  Some parts of my run, I was running into a stiff breeze.  And there are several short hills, always a good challenge with or without the jogger.

I was dripping by the end of my three miles.  I really had to push myself to keep a decent pace, and I stopped to walk for 20 seconds a few times.

When running while pushing a jogger, there is the option of taking it easy since you're doing extra work as it is (especially on hills).  Or you can see your jogger as a trainer.  Something to make you dig deep to really get the results you want.  Because if I can run a few miles with my jogger at a decent pace, then I know I'm capable of running faster without it.

Tonight I ran 3 miles in just under 31 minutes.  I'm no Dorothy with her 6 minute triple jogger miles (check out her personal bests on the left sidebar), but she is an inspiration. Rachel logs most of her runs with a double jogger!

Oh, and once your child is used to riding in a jogging stroller while you run, if you decide to stop and walk briefly, they may just say "run mama"  or "why are you walking." I heard that a few times this evening.  They like the speed too!

And as you can tell from the photos, while I consider running with the jogger training, I'm also training them.  Because they love to wear my running visors and my running shoes.  When my oldest turned 4, she requested "running clothes" for her birthday.

What's your "handicap?"  What's your cop out when it comes to pushing, digging deep?  Flip your thinking and look at it as a training device.  Run through.  Push it just a little longer, a little faster when you feel like being done.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

building base

I'm continuing in building my running back up in preparation for the first week of October, which is when my marathon training officially begins.

I've been struggling with blisters on the arches of my feet anytime I run past 4 miles.  I went up a half size in shoe after my half marathon last year and I think the shoes just rub differently.

Earlier this week I took my shoes in to a running store near my house and talked to a helpful gal about my problems.  Her recommendation was to slather my feet in Body Glide because it sounded like a rubbing issue versus fit.  This idea was thrown out to me on Twitter a while back but I guess I didn't pay enough attention to it.  So I picked up some Body Glide as well as some Nuun since I've been wanting to try it for a while now.

I ran 7 miles this morning and it was amazing!  I felt great and for the first time in months, blisters weren't an issue.  By the end of these longer runs, I had skin rubbed raw.  Blisters developed and then popped and it was gnarly.  The Body Glide truly did the trick and is my new BFF.

My route was an out and back from my house.  Miles 2-3.5 is a lot of uphill and then on the way back there are a few brief uphills, but mostly downhill.  This isn't my favorite route to run, but is the easiest way to get more than 5 miles from my doorstep.  It's always good for negative splits though.  I controlled myself on the downhills so that I wasn't too speedy.

The last mile to my house is pretty flat and today I was so energized by the lack of blisters and the endorphins (and it was still cool) that I decided to push pretty hard on the last mile and see what happened.  I wasn't paying much attention to my Garmin, just going by feel.

My last mile was 9:21, which is speedy for me.  And I felt great!  I was especially stoked to run that fast of a mile when I had just completed 6 before it.

I've been wanting to hit at least 20 miles for a week, but keep falling short.  This week though, even if it means running a few miles everyday, that's my goal.