Monday, August 15, 2011

still bringing the insanity

I may have given up on completing Insanity in the 60 days the schedule dictates.  I may have given up doing Insanity workouts on back to back days.

But that doesn't mean I've stopped the Insanity.  Unlike Susan Powter, I still want to BRING the Insanity.

I brought the Insanity today.  I'm taking a mom-cation and one of my goals is to get as many workouts in this week as possible.  Some see vacation as an opportunity to take a break from exercise.  For me, vacation is often when I have more opportunity to actually get it in.  I have more energy and more time.

So today at 2pm, even though I had just finished lunch, and it was pretty stifling outside, I did an Insanity workout in the backyard.  A friend gave us some interlocking foam squares that help absorbing the impact of working out on concrete.

My muscles felt sore still from Saturdays workout so I struggled to really push it.  But I got it done.  My sister-in-law commented on my legs today; she said they looked smaller or tighter.  SCORE.

Tomorrow I'm really hoping to run.  My goal is to get up early before Bean leaves for work.  But if that doesn't happen, there's always the evening.  Since doing Insanity daily isn't very realistic right now, alternating between running and Insanity seems like a good plan.

Mama NEEDS to run, because Mama is training for a FULL marathon, soon!

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