Sunday, August 28, 2011

a dear john letter

Dear John Shaun T,

It really pains me to write this letter.  But I'm going to have to break up with you.

This has been a great summer fling.  I was hoping to spend 6/7 days a week with you.  It ended up being more like 3 or 4.

But that was enough for me to really see your impact in my life.  Which is why this letter is so hard to write.

Thanks to our time together, I like myself better.  I am more confident.  Let's be real.  My waist is more trimmed and my legs are more toned. The results are better than I've seen with my time spent with others.  You really have my heart Shaun T, even though you make me want to puke my heart up every time we hang out.

But the deal is, you aren't my first love.  And I need to go back to my first love.

I love what you do to my fat and my muscles, but I need what running does for my soul.

I need 26.2 miles of it.

But that's going to require training.  And Shaun T, you rip my muscles to shreds. Which makes running hard.  I just can't juggle you both.

Well, I might be able to hang out with you for Cardio Abs a few times a week.  But that's all for now.

I'll be back Shaun T.  I promise, I'll come back to you.

But this week, I return to my first love.



Getting ready for 26.2 miles.

Thanks for the good times this summer, Shaun T.

Mama Needs to Run


  1. I've decided to work in some Shaun T once a week. And just doing that I notice my muscles got toned again immediately. Just running, my heart is in good shape I know, but w/ Shaun T, my muscles are wayyyyy more toned. But I love to run, like you. When I'm doing Insanity I notice my running times are MUCH better too. Now that it's getting lighter out later in the am, I have to do home workouts, so, Shaun T, I may see you more frequently....