Wednesday, August 31, 2011

so far, so good

Just a quick update on my "re-building base" phase of marathon training.

I woke early TWO days in a row to make sure I got to run.

Monday I ran about 3.6 miles and my average pace was under 10:00min. Mama likes this! I was reminded that it's not until after 2 or 3 miles that I really find my groove and want to keep going. That is why training for a race agrees with me. I do love the longer distances. I wonder, after I finish training and run this race, if the marathon distance will be my new favorite, or if I will prefer the half. 

Regardless, I can't see myself racing more than one full a year, at least right now while my kids are young and not all in school yet.

Tuesday I ran with my sister (who recently moved back into town! yay!!) at an easier pace.  I always want to push myself, but it's good to be forced to go slow.  I completed 3.25 miles at around an 11:25min pace.

Today, I'm resting.  I definitely COULD run.  In fact, I would enjoy it.  But Wednesdays are my long day and after waking early two mornings, I knew sleeping later would be good since I won't be done for the day until after 8pm.

I want to do some speedwork tomorrow and an easy run on Friday and aiming for 7 on Saturday.

My training calendar officially starts on October 3rd!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

a dear john letter

Dear John Shaun T,

It really pains me to write this letter.  But I'm going to have to break up with you.

This has been a great summer fling.  I was hoping to spend 6/7 days a week with you.  It ended up being more like 3 or 4.

But that was enough for me to really see your impact in my life.  Which is why this letter is so hard to write.

Thanks to our time together, I like myself better.  I am more confident.  Let's be real.  My waist is more trimmed and my legs are more toned. The results are better than I've seen with my time spent with others.  You really have my heart Shaun T, even though you make me want to puke my heart up every time we hang out.

But the deal is, you aren't my first love.  And I need to go back to my first love.

I love what you do to my fat and my muscles, but I need what running does for my soul.

I need 26.2 miles of it.

But that's going to require training.  And Shaun T, you rip my muscles to shreds. Which makes running hard.  I just can't juggle you both.

Well, I might be able to hang out with you for Cardio Abs a few times a week.  But that's all for now.

I'll be back Shaun T.  I promise, I'll come back to you.

But this week, I return to my first love.



Getting ready for 26.2 miles.

Thanks for the good times this summer, Shaun T.

Mama Needs to Run

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wordless wednesday

Can it ever be truly Wordless Wednesday?

My middle girl loves wearing my shoes, runners included.  And please note the SPI Belt around her neck!  And also ignore the mess in the background.  Although it's almost always there, so obviously I ignore it too.

I can't wait to run with my kids.  I love reading how Dorothy is a runner because of her mom, and they run together now.  I hope that is me and my kids one day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

training overload

I have a problem.

I love research.  I love google.  I love blogs.  I love Runner's World.

I currently have no less than 6 marathon training plans printed in front of me.

I only need one plan.  I am confident that I can complete a FULL marathon with any of these plans.

Yet still I am struggling to commit to one.  The midweek easy runs, tempo runs and speedwork I can easily figure out.

It's the long runs I'm waffling on.  Some plans are very progressive.  Some jump up and down in long run mileage.  Others seem to hone in on higher mileage the majority of the weeks.

Last year when I was training for my half marathon, I mostly followed a plan I found in Runner's World to run a 2 hour half marathon.  Most of my training was completed on the treadmill.  I PR'd with 2:09, which I was thrilled with!  It was the first time I'd ever had a time goal and run only for myself, by myself.  If I were to train and run a half again, I have no doubt I could shave even more time off that PR.

I want to run a half as a part of my training, but the $110 registration fee for the Full kinda broke the race bank for the year.

I'm leaning towards a plan I found in a recent Runner's World for a First-Timer's Marathon Training plan.  Then there are the plans on Another Mother Runner by Andrew Castor.  And there is my SmartCoach App on my iPhone (I like that plan too because it calls for only three runs per week).  And Hal Higdon.

Decisions, decisions.

I wish I understood the philosophy behind training and the various long distance methodologies.  I know I've read stuff on it before, but nothing stuck with me I guess.  I do have some goals for this race.  I have a fairly realistic goal, a feasible goal and a fairly unrealistic goal.  My main goal however, is to finish.

I have a few weeks yet before true training starts.  I guess I'll keep reading and researching.

Friday, August 19, 2011

well earned rest

I love when I have a rest/recovery day that I really need and deserve!  Often it seems my rest days are due to lack of time and they stack up on each other.

Since I've been off from work this week it's been easier to get workouts in.

I exercised at least once at the end of last week, and then I did Insanity on Saturday.  Sunday is a workout itself, just due to my schedule!  Monday was Insanity, Tuesday I ran 3 miles, Wednesday was Insanity again and by yesterday my legs were more than ready for a recovery day.

Recovery consisted of being in a pool with my kids for a total of 5 hours yesterday.  There was some sitting and walking around, a little swimming.  It was just what I needed.

This afternoon I plan to get 3-4 miles in.  Or maybe Insanity.  I'm not sure.  Maybe I'll hit Insanity today and do a longer run tomorrow.  I need to set some goals on my weekly mileage as I work towards getting ready to train for the full marathon and then work Insanity in between.

I really do love what Insanity is doing for my body.  My legs are leaner and more toned and my waist is slightly more whittled instead of just being mush.   I want more!

Monday, August 15, 2011

still bringing the insanity

I may have given up on completing Insanity in the 60 days the schedule dictates.  I may have given up doing Insanity workouts on back to back days.

But that doesn't mean I've stopped the Insanity.  Unlike Susan Powter, I still want to BRING the Insanity.

I brought the Insanity today.  I'm taking a mom-cation and one of my goals is to get as many workouts in this week as possible.  Some see vacation as an opportunity to take a break from exercise.  For me, vacation is often when I have more opportunity to actually get it in.  I have more energy and more time.

So today at 2pm, even though I had just finished lunch, and it was pretty stifling outside, I did an Insanity workout in the backyard.  A friend gave us some interlocking foam squares that help absorbing the impact of working out on concrete.

My muscles felt sore still from Saturdays workout so I struggled to really push it.  But I got it done.  My sister-in-law commented on my legs today; she said they looked smaller or tighter.  SCORE.

Tomorrow I'm really hoping to run.  My goal is to get up early before Bean leaves for work.  But if that doesn't happen, there's always the evening.  Since doing Insanity daily isn't very realistic right now, alternating between running and Insanity seems like a good plan.

Mama NEEDS to run, because Mama is training for a FULL marathon, soon!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

facing it

I have great intentions.

But life usually gets in the way.

I usually beat myself up in my mind for failing to follow through.  But in fact, I have to recognize that I am a working mom to three young kids.  I love reading blogs written by moms who run.  I am inspired, encouraged and motivated by reading about their training, races and everyday life.

Some are stay at home moms, some only have 1 or 2 children, some have incredible willpower to get up at the crack of dawn most every morning.  I am none of those.

I have to face the realities of my life and remind myself that when it comes to running and racing, I am only ever competitive with myself.  I have a pretty good idea of what I'm capable of, and I love pushing myself even a bit beyond that.

Suffice it to say, we had a good couple week run with Insanity.  Then Bean injured his ankle.  And I got a cold which turned into a sinus infection.  We've struggled with getting back into the groove.  The kids are an issue too.  We don't have a place inside we can workout after they are in bed.  And working out, even outside, when they are awake is challenging.

I did an Insanity workout this morning when I was home alone for a few hours.  If Bean has a few hours home alone, he'll clean or do some sort of work or chore.

I liked working out together, but maybe it's not a reality right now.  And I have to face it.

I took vacation this coming week from work.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with the kids and doing some fun stuff together.  I also hope to get some Insanity workouts in and a few runs.  It's time to build up my base for marathon training.

In a perfect world, we'd have finished the two months of Insanity.  But I don't live in that world, although sometimes my mind likes to pretend things like that are possible.

Last week as I was lamenting, once again, to my sister about the pesky 5-10lbs I'm always trying to lose, she reminded me that with the stress and craziness of life, fighting those 5-10lbs is probably keeping me from gaining 20.  (we are stress eaters!)

So I will stick with that perspective with exercise too.  Attempting to exercise 5-6 days a week most likely ensures that I'll workout at least 3 of those days.  Which I can live with.

In the meantime, I'll probably keep setting lofty goals and not quite hitting them.  But hey, if you shoot for the moon, at least you'll land among the stars--right?  (so cheesy, I know.)

I think I got in two Insanity workouts this week and I hope to run tomorrow too.

Monday, August 8, 2011

we're back!

We've had a couple week hiatus from Insanity.  Bean hurt his ankle and needed time to heal.  I thought I'd pick up running in the off-time, but I only ran a few times.  I got hit with a second bad cold in a month, that turned into a sinus infection.  I started antibiotics last night, so hopefully in a day or two I will feel almost normal again.

But tonight, we were back.  It took a lot of tenacity to finish it.  Bean did have some discomfort in his ankle, but that wasn't the problem.

The problem was our rugrats!  Things were chaotic when we got home (when we've been doing our workouts) so we postponed until after dinner.  The big girl stayed inside but the little girls insisted on coming out back with us.

A rad friend gave us some floor pads to lessen the impact of working out on concrete.  The little girls thought those were the best thing.  The 4yr old quickly asked to take her shirt off, and since we were in the backyard I let her.  Which meant the 2 yr old did too...only she was wearing a dress, so now she was in panties and shoes only.  Oh, and a headband.

We spent the entire workout dodging children on the mat and dealing with them in general.

They were cute and hilarious and we DID get our workout done.

Now, I just can't stop laughing.