Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a naked run

I had to run naked today.

Not that kind of naked!

I love music, in all parts of my life, running included.  I also am an information hound.  I love to analyze my runs and know to the tenth of a mile how far I went and to the second how long it took me.  I'm not a slave to it, but it always interests me.

I did a short run tonight at 7:45pm.  It's light until about 8:30pm right now, which I LOVE.  I like to space my runs 24 hours apart and since I ran yesterday afternoon, I didn't want to get up early this morning.

I went to grab the iPod to put my Nike+ adapter in...and it was missing, along with the remote for our iPod dock.  I knew right away my 4-year old had done something with it because I remember her trying to play with the iPod the other day.

I looked around for a few minutes but didn't see it, so you know I dragged her out of bed to find it!  She said "I put it in a little box, but I don't know where it is."  We looked in all her usual spots, and then we went to look around her room.  She made a beeline for the closet and said "I know where it is."  Sure enough, she pulled a small wooden box out of the back corner of the closet which held the iPod and remote.

Silly girl!

But of course the iPod was dead because she had been using it as a phone.  So off I went on my run.  While I do like running with music, my naked run was nice too.  I paid more attention to my breathing, my gait and my posture.  Timing from when I left the house and when I returned, my pace was just under 10:00.  (see...I can't just go out and run, I had to look at the clock!)

In other news...

I got my first pair (actually three pairs) of Nike Running shorts.  They make me feel like a real runner.

(kind of a funky self-portrait of the shorts!  pink probably wouldn't be my go-to color, but they were so CHEAP!  I probably would have bought bright green if its what they had.  I got 2 pairs of these pink ones and one black pair)

I went to Macy's to try them on to find out what size to order and there were a bunch on the sale rack.  When I scanned their price, they were less than $10!!  Down from $28.  Talk about a great deal! And I got a Nike running shirt and a tank top for under $15 each.  5 Nike running items for less than $50.  And I had a gift card from my birthday!

I've used them twice so far, and I'm liking them.  I do have a bit of a chafing issue with my thighs, but it's not too bad with these shorts and I need to get some Body Glide anyways.

They may also become my "around the house" shorts.  I threw them on after work tonight since I knew I was going for a run and I wanted out of my work clothes, and they were comfy and cute.

If you need some running clothes, run to Macy's and check out the clearance/sale rack.  You never know!

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