Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my new running pal

I have a new running friend.

His name is Garmin.  Or maybe it's her name.  I'm not quite sure yet.  But Garmin is so large on my wrist that it definitely needs a name and an identity.  Gary?  Greta?  Maybe I should let the comments choose the name!

Garmin came in the mail on Saturday, a very generous birthday present.

My first run with Garmin was Sunday.  I needed to get one more long run in before my race.  I was late getting my speedwork in this week, so Sunday it was.  Usually I don't do long runs on Sundays.  I am up at 6am, at church by 7:30 and not usually home until 1pm.  A long morning!

This Sunday, I also attempted to make a cake before I ran, and I was so tired and distracted I made it twice and messed it up TWICE.  Then it was time to run.  It was a little warm, I was still sore from speedwork on Friday.

Running with my new friend Garmin kept me going.  I very rarely cut a run short.  I don't know if I've ever been as tempted as I was on Sunday.  About 2 miles in to 6+ I wanted to turn around and call it a day at 4 miles.  But I pressed on.  Getting to glance down at my wrist and see my current pace really helped me.  I pulled off 6.5 miles at just over an 11:00 pace, which was exactly what my training schedule called for.  Usually my long run pace is a little fast, but my fatigue and the heat helped me keep it slower.  And even when I wanted to stop, Garmin kept me going!

This morning I had 2 miles on the schedule.  Since it was going to be a quick run and I had Garmin, I didn't need to take my iPod to use the Nike+.  It was nice to head out with no cords, no armbands and just my thoughts.  On longer runs I love having music, but it was nice to have the option today to run without music and still know my pace.  I ended up running about 2.75 miles.

I settled on getting the Garmin Forerunner 305.  It's an older model, but in all the reviews I read--still the favorite.  The newer model hasn't been perfected enough and for all the bells and whistles, this was the way to go.  And it was just $128 on Amazon, which is a really good deal.

When I race on Monday, I'll set Garmin to beep at me if I fall below my goal pace.  Of course I can only run my best and it may not be as fast as I'd like, we'll just have to see.  But it will be nice to have a better gauge of how I'm doing.  I know I tend to go out too fast and Garmin will help me pace myself better in the beginning to hopefully finish stronger.

And Garmin comes with a heartrate monitor, which I haven't figured out yet, but I'm looking forward to checking out my heartrate at various paces and distances.

Lots of fun to be had with my new running pal.

Now if only I could find a regular running pal with two legs, I'd be set.

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